Westland Survival MOD APK

Westland Survival MOD APK 3.5.1 (Free Purchase, Mega)

Then you can be law and order in the Wild West! This MMORPG from Western-themed lets you locate a Lone Star officer, battle looters, fight with American Natives, and fight your way out of a Mexican deadlock! The survival genre is getting a new breath of life.
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 Westland Survival MOD APK
Westland Survival MOD APK


  • Changing your farm into a Wild West farm
  • Armed with guns and rifles, fight hoodlums
  • Having fun deer chasing, wood logging, and mining
  • Create new hardware and gadgets
  • Raise wild creatures and horses you can be pleased with
  • Several completed quests
  • Find out where to find valuable fortunes
  • Defend your ranch against others


Western Survival: a little about us

Are you sick and tired of zombie games and post-apocalyptic Earths? Test out a Westland experience firsthand.
Moreover, in the Great American grasslands of the Wild West, lawmen and even sheriffs are eager to buy daring men for a fistful of dollars.

Besides that, Cowpoke, you are also facing another unknown Earth. Pioneers cruising the outskirts of the frontier have set off for gold discovery locales in Klondike and Yukon, or to the plains and deserts of Texas or New Mexico.

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An expanse of grass in a desert looks like a dead island because of its abundance.
You were left behind as the sole survivor after your caravan ran into a crook trap, yet still outraged to take those gunfighters to the executioner! If you really want to kill them, shoot them off their ponies!

Before anything else, there’s some making to do; we need to make a sanctuary, some wood for bows and bolts, and maybe dig minerals for horseshoes. There is a chance they can teach you how to hunt deer for cooking a steak.

The final day for your undertakings isn’t important, so just play PVE/PVP.
Play an open-world, multiplayer RPG game. To endure, you have to construct a safe house and create art to endure.
Get ready for a breathtaking wild west adventure with this amazing investigation survival game! Yay!

 Westland Survival MOD APK
Westland Survival MOD APK

In the Wild West, the survival of the Westland people:

You are the hero of your own story when you join the game. You don’t have a strong defense at the beginning. To build a solid foundation, you first need to lay the foundations. You should collect seeds, wood, and household goods before planting trees on unused land west of fallow land.

Then you need to hunt for some food and some money to sell them, to hunt and even obtain new weapons that are mineral-rich like deer, rabbits, etc. Each time you complete a mission, you get a helping hand, so you can maintain their normal lives.

However, ranchers, based solely on the domestication of wild animals, are only beginning to follow the path that leads to normal life and the domestication of wild animals, such as horses. Take control of your own power.

Their main purpose is to provide a large payday advance. The people West wants can be found as he rides on his horse, wears his last pistol or rifle, and rides on his horse. In classic wars between murder and cowboys, ask them which option they’d prefer.

Can you beat this guy? Their sorcerous weapon must now prove its power. Research stops stealing hundreds of Native Americans or fighting the Pixas. Spending their money filling their pockets in order to survive.

The real thing:

The game features extremely realistic 3D graphics, leading to brownfields and forests in the western US. Characters in the novel are designed to relate to real people as well. This weapon system was developed in parts or in expansion. Providing the best experience is all the players will have to do.

 Westland Survival MOD APK
Westland Survival MOD APK

Westland Survival offers both challenging and relaxing moments for players with its new content and gameplay. My dear, the western man was a fast, fast-driving one; Taking on this impossible mission, the western heroes of the country made their own rules. There is no escaping them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Westland Survival Guide?

  • Here are some tips for surviving in wetlands so that you can win the game.
  • You should first check your storage.
  • The defensive items should be equipped.
  • The base should be cleared.
  • The first thing to do is to build the house.
  • Resources must be gathered.
  • Protecting and stealing are difficult tasks.
  • You should upgrade your house.
  • You can check a character’s status by clicking on the character’s name.

Westland survival hack – how to get it?

This post includes a modified version of the Westland survival game, including Westland survival cheats if you’re looking for a 100% working Westland survival hack.


Besides killing enemies, Westland survival mod APK also offers many other activities that keep the player engaged.

Last but not least, if you encounter any issue with this mod, please let us know via the below comment form.

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