Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v4.9.4


Throughout the 99 caverns, slugs are mysteriously disappearing. Your mission is to find out why the slugs disappeared from the underground environment, find a way to bring them home, and restore the fragile energy balance of all the slugs just like in the series. You will be accompanied by Burpy on your journey and he will help you solve the mystery along the way.

There is a combination of match-three puzzles and fighting in “Slugterra: Slug it out 2”. The game has a great storyline, cool slugs that you can recruit, and evil bosses that you need to defeat to win. There are a variety of slugs with unique abilities everywhere, which need to be upgraded constantly to improve their abilities in battle.


Playing the same game as before

If you have watched the TV series, you will see the main concept involves collecting and training slugs to duel against others. Match-three mechanics follow in the footsteps of the series. In order to charge up your slugs, players have to solve a match-three puzzle where three or similar tiles must be matched.

Slugs with special powers can be used to defeat rivals and bosses. You have to tap to unleash your slug guns onto your opponent, drain their HP, and watch them get knocked out once they have been charged. A single match of multiple tiles quickly charges the guns.

Keep an eye out because danger lurks in unexpected places. During Story Mode, players should look out for traps and avoid unexpected threats, as well as remember the world map.

The best friends you can have are slugs

Aside from making friends with slugs, players also get to meet new slugs on their journey. Some Slugterra slugs are friendly and lovable, while others can be strange and scary. Slugs have no shells and live in the ground. As an example, Bubbaleone, Jellyish, Tomato, etc., are all so adorable and unique names created by Slugterra’s developer.

You can cope with the toughest opponents by using the slugs’ specialties and attacks. Slugs can be leveled up through gathering resources and gaining experience points. After crushing the enemy, players can unlock new slugs as well as in-game coins and gems by unlocking special chests. If you don’t want to wait too long for your chest to open, you can speed it up by using coins.

The Evolution Stones are necessary for upgrading your slugs. Getting stronger makes battling giant bosses easier. Crystalyd, a slug also known as a tunneler slug, is the rarest slug in Slugterra. Deep beneath Slugterra’s surface, it is extremely powerful and can only be found there.

You can’t go wrong with slugs as friends

Players are also able to meet new slugs on their journey, in addition to making friends with the slugs they already know. Slugterra slugs can be friendly and lovable, as well as frightening. The slug lives in the ground without a shell. A few examples of adorable and unique names provided by Slugterra’s developer include Bubbaleone, Jellyish, and Tomato.

Slugs’ specialties and attacks can help you deal with the toughest opponents. Resources can be gathered and experience points can be earned to level up Slugs. By unlocking special chests, players are able to unlock new slugs as well as in-game coins and gems. Using coins will speed up the opening of your chest if you don’t want to wait too long.

Upgrades to your slugs require Evolution Stones. Battles with giant bosses become easier as you get stronger. It is the rarest slug in Slugterra, known as Crystalyd or tunneler slug. There is only one place on Slugterra where this powerful creature can be found. It resides deep beneath the surface of the planet.

Hideout for slugs

A slug can be any size, shape, or color. Any slug you see would make you want to collect it. There are only four slugs that can be brought into battle, so where are the others?

Slugs Hideout is where your little buddies can play with the toys that you buy for them and hang out with one another. All slugs live together despite their different personalities. As well as letting you choose which one you want to bring with you, Slugs Hideout helps you organize them easily.

The hideout contains swings and trampolines where slugs can relax and play. They can be dragged around by players.

Enter a world of magic

Slugterra offers players the opportunity to explore stunning maps where rare slugs can be found without being limited to repetitive battles. There are different chapters for each map, and each one is beautifully designed.

Shopping for free

In “Slugterra: Slug it out 2”, players have free access to online shopping. The store is the cheapest place to buy anything you need. The slugs will appreciate some new toys if you provide them with some from the store.



Slugterra: Slug it out 2 looks like a TV show. It has been meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. Playing in beautiful lands with breathtaking scenery is a joy for players. I did not experience any lags or bugs during my gaming session. Graphics are excellent, and the frame rate is steady.

The music

The soundtrack and sound effects make the game relaxing and entertaining at the same time. Slugs make an adorable sound that I personally enjoy listening to.


With Slugterra: Slug it out 2, you can play anywhere, anytime on any portable device. The battles seem more enjoyable when you have these sweet and precious slugs by your side.