School Days MOD APK

School Days MOD APK 1.24 (Unlocked) for Android 2022

Wrestling Revolution was created by a well-known developer. The games are implemented quite differently, especially the graphics of School Days Mod Apk. Creating your student is the first step.

After that, you can customize his gender, clothes, and appearance. It is possible to determine what grades he receives, what social skills he has, and even what his behavior is by himself. Your hero can then be sent to school once he has been created.

As well as attending boring classes, you will have to answer numerous questions from entrepreneurs. You can use almost anything that you can find, including brooms, fire extinguishers, furniture, and so on.

School Days MOD APK

As with other developers’ projects, the project’s combat system is very similar.
The left side of the screen will have the joystick in-game. Right now, the buttons corresponding to each action are located on the right side. You can combine different items with striking, grabbing, and collecting abilities. You will therefore be able to respond differently to different people and events.

Features of school days:

Developing characters

Create a unique character to represent yourself in the virtual world at the beginning of the game. A player can customize the appearance of the character from the hairstyle to the skin tone as well as clothing and shoes.

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The character can also be changed according to your preferences since it is such a deep game. Having glasses and a book in your hand will make you look smart and handsome to the girls in the school. As a result, you can become anyone in real life with school days mod APK and fulfill your ultimate dream.

Playing and controlling

The left-to-right and up-to-down movement of the character can be accomplished using the arrow keys on the left side of your mobile screen.
Right click on the screen to manipulate these keys

School Days MOD APK

A: attacking as soon as possible

G: You can use this button to grapple with your opponents as well as throw something onto your hand.

R: is to run and by combining R+A, you can attack anybody

A combo of R+P burns anything you pick up like a book. P: Pick up something like a book.

T: Interacting with people is important when you want to talk to girls.


There is a biological clock at the corner of each mobile screen that indicates your health level. Each day can decrease your energy levels, as well as when you fight with others in school and do something that requires energy expenditure. If you want to keep your energy levels high, you need to eat at a fast-food restaurant.

You need to spend money you will receive in school days mod APK to purchase that food, so you don’t have to worry about paying real money. You shouldn’t go into a restaurant if you’re not prepared to pay for your food.

The shop owner throws you out if you don’t have cash. You can get healthy by sleeping wherever you like, such as in bed, on your study table, on the school grounds, or even in public.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy stunning 3D graphics and play this game on both Android and iOS platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know how to get a girlfriend in the school days game?

You would have a much easier time finding a girlfriend if you went to a private school. Then you’ll be asked to describe yourself. The girlfriend’s name will allow you to select her. By updating her profile, you can transport her.

Is Mickie capable of kissing in his school days?

Your girlfriend just needs to be closer to you. Instead of pressing K, press S.

How did Mdickie graduate in his days as a student?

A student must successfully complete ten courses to graduate from high school. It helps if you have good grades and have not been disciplined by the disciplinary committee.


School days mod APK will let you relive your student life while allowing you unlimited health and access to all premium features.
It means no ads or real money to play the game, it means you can flirt with pretty girls, and you can do funny things you wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

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