Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

Download Royal Revolt 2 v8.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God Mode)

Featuring two equally appealing elements, Royal Revolt 2 is a game you will love. A real-time raiding mode allows you to attack enemy kingdoms and capture gold in real time. Using these items, you can build your city and defense agencies, strengthen your army, and defend yourself against other players’ attacks.

The time will come when you will mobilize knights and archers as a heroic sword bearer. You can unleash powerful ranged attacks by unlocking giant monsters, fire wizards, and mortars. A soldier, however, consumes more energy when he is in harm’s way.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

In this regard, heavy units need to be deployed in a balanced manner with light units being released regularly.light units on a regular basis. Are you required to take enemy fire? By using magic, you can easily clean up. When bombs are aimed at your hero, he can kick them back. Any soldiers who fall behind or rush blindly to your position should blow the battle horn.

Meanwhile, the defenses are automated. All preparations must be made by you. Ensure the enemy can’t get to your castle by building a winding and long road. A tower placed in the right place will create a large gap in your defense barrier, making it impossible to destroy it. There are ferocious pandas, long-eared rabbits, and even ferocious spiders you can unleash to protect the gate to the city.

In Conquest mode, you can also join alliances online. Join your ally to expand the territory and collect more resources. By sending immediate reinforcements to turn the tide, these friends will help you counterattack the goalkeeper. You will not tire of the throne despite this fascinating strategy game involving overthrowing the royal family. You can enjoy a genuine enjoyment whether you attack or strengthen your defense.

Specification of Royal Revolt 2:

 App Name Royal Revolt 2
 Publisher Flaregames
 Genre Action
 Size 88M
 Latest Version 8.5.0
 MOD Info God Mode/Dumb Enemies

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A brief history

Royal Revolt 2 is primarily about building, defending, and conquering. There is no longer only one player in this part. A combination of attack and defense is also included. In order to defend the base, players must build castles, expand their defense lines, install traps, and place powerful turrets. Additionally, you can carry out expeditions and explore the lands of your friends.

The experience points and gold coins you receive after each battle will be used to upgrade the strength of your army, build castles, and construct ramparts. If you create dangerous bends or traps for your enemies on the way into your ramparts system, they are more likely to fall. Simple mouse gestures allow us to do all of these things.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

What is the Royal Revolt 2 gameplay like?

This series follows the events of Royal Revolt 2 as the young prince regains his kingdom. The primary goal of the player will no longer be to generate all successful leads. With construction work, engineering, research into the army, and manufacturing defensive tools, Royal Revolt 2 is like a real-time strategy game.

As in MMORPGs, you use skills and equipment upgrades to lead troops to conquer another stronghold in Royal Revolt 2. In Royal Revolt 2, players can build turrets, gates, and traps to defend their strongholds for one point. Gems are used to convert money into almost all features of the game. Completing the mission still provides Gems to the player. Salt in a tank is the same as this number.

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Most people are familiar with games where towers are built to defend themselves against enemy attacks. The gameplay is familiar, but the number of rounds and monsters in Kingdom Rush are countless. Any conqueror will find it challenging.

As the player, your primary objective is to protect your kingdom from hordes of monsters. In order to stop and destroy monsters, the player must build fortresses, guard stations on the roads where monsters will travel.

There will be many waves of attacks during each battle, and the more powerful the wave is, the more powerful the next one will be. A proper arrangement of fortresses is therefore necessary since each fortress only has a limited range. In that case, there is nothing to be done once the monsters have passed through. During Kingdom Rush, the player can choose from all four fortresses. Fortresses will have different abilities, including Archer Towers, Militia Barracks, Mage Towers, and Dwarven Bombards.

Royal Revolt 2 MOD APK

In battle, players can upgrade their fortresses with the gold they earn by killing monsters. Fortresses gain strength and appearance with each level up. In addition to changing shape and increasing strength in the match, players can upgrade the stats using the experience points they collect during matches.


As with the first version, Royal Revolt 2 offers beautiful 3D graphics, colorful and lifelike visual effects, as well as sound. Try Royal Revolt 2 if you enjoy strategy games and role-playing games.

Become the best player in the world, build your kingdom, perfect your defense line, and form alliances. According to its users, it was one of the best games of 2020. The goal is to prove yourself a true king by facing thousands of real opponents from around the world. In order to play and purchase optional in-app packs, Royal Revolt 2 requires an internet coTake part in the fight for the throne in Royal Revolt 2 by downloading it for free today