Punch Boxing 3D MOD APK v1.1.5

The story

With this game, players will be able to create their own boxers and challenge the top athletes in the boxing world in epic boxing challenges. To increase your boxer’s stats, customize and train him. As you advance your athlete, you will unlock special and devastating moves.

In epic battles with top opponents from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Washington, and more, you will face off against the best opponents around the world. You will enjoy the exciting boxing matches in real-time.

Find yourself recognized on the international stage by competing in the best tournaments, taking down the toughest opponents. Take Punch Boxing 3D to the next level to become a legend in the boxing world.


The game’s exciting features are listed below:

Touch controls that are intuitive and simple to use

With its intuitive touch controls, Android gamers will enjoy the fun and addictive fighting game right away. Therefore, you can easily beat your enemies with well-optimized gameplay mechanics and immerse yourself in immersive boxing action while advancing through the incredible levels.

The game is full of interesting attacks that you can make by tapping on the screen. When you perform special gesture movements towards your enemies, you can unleash your special attacks. In addition, hold down the block and dodge buttons whenever you see enemies attacking to avoid getting hit. By using gesture movements, make a quick and decisive counterattack.

On your mobile device, you can experience fighting like a console

The incredible boxing game from CanaryDroid gives Android gamers the opportunity to enjoy console-grade fighting experiences on their mobile devices for the first time. With realistic graphics and plenty of interesting features to explore, you can enjoy in-depth boxing gameplay with incredible graphics.

Take part in actual ring fights in different cities around the world as you face tough opponents. As you guide your fighter to victory in the real-time action game, you will experience epic fighting experiences.

Your own characters can be created and customized

The game also allows you to create your own characters with their own unique traits. When you play Punch Boxing 3D, you can choose your favorite nationality and enter your name.

The uniforms and accessories you choose for your character are completely customizable. Additionally, you can change your characters’ hairstyles and add cool tattoos to make them stand out.

Your special rewards will be unlocked when you complete multiple achievements

Those who are interested can also unlock and enjoy multiple achievements in the game. Enjoy the special rewards you can only find in this game, along with the unique gameplay and challenges.

Play for free

This game is currently free to play for all Android gamers, despite all its amazing features. As a result, you won’t need to pay a dime to download it from the Google Play Store.

With our mod, you can earn unlimited money

To avoid the ads and in-app purchases in Punch Boxing 3D, you can download our modified version instead, to let gamers experience the full gaming experience without any interruptions.

As a result, you will be able to purchase multiple in-game items and unlock the full gameplay. We have made Punch Boxing 3D Mod APK available on our website for you to download and install.

Quality of visual and audio


You won’t find another mobile game with the same level of immersive 3D graphics as Punch Boxing 3D, so you’ll have to look elsewhere. In spite of this, the game allows gamers to experience experiences they are only able to obtain on a console. You’ll enjoy playing this game because of the realistic characters and environments, as well as the interesting customizations.

The sound/music

Aside from this, you will enjoy the immersive sound effects that will keep you engrossed in the game. Standing in front of thousands of screaming fans is like standing in front of a circus. As punches pass your ear, you can hear them. They all sound very realistic and relatable. As well as making the fights more intuitive, the live commentary enhances their enjoyment.


With this amazing game, boxing fans can enjoy awesome training and fighting experiences. Additionally, if you have any interest in the modified gameplay, you’ll surely be satisfied.

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