Panzer War MOD APK 2022.10.20.3-OBT

Information about the company

Panzer War is an online tank campaign that requires all players to participate in all battles against other participants. Additionally, they will launch a story campaign covering several battles during World War II. The best part of the game is its tactical regime, which you need to pay attention to.

Based on tasks, information, and the battlefield situation, the player must lead a team of armored vehicles. In addition to a great number of maps and tanks, and good graphics and damage detection, Panzer War will certainly please the most discriminating players. Now you can take part in the 12th century’s military conflicts.

It not only features decent graphics, but also offers the most exciting 5 by 5 battles in the multiplayer tank Android game. In the war, there are several tank models, as well as versatile weapons that can be used and improved. As your tank wins battles against enemies, it gets modernized and updated.

Feel free to play whenever you want. A number of new mechanics have been added to the game in the recent Cold War update. You are welcome to drive modern tanks. In case you’re curious, some of them are equipped with ATGMs. Panzer War is probably one of the best shooting games for mobile that you can’t pass up.

Those who enjoy fury missions will find the Fury mission a feast. The game allows you to control all four Shermans to fight against the dangerous Germany Tiger with the command of the USA armored force. The chances of gaining equipment will increase as you earn more credits from certain battles.

Many fans believe the artillery AI should have the ability to refill ammunition once it runs out. If their ammunition runs out, they are powerless. Also, it would be fun and realistic to play through how everyone rushes each other, about 100 meters.

Panzer War is a great tank game for mobile devices, especially with the mods available. Throughout the massive battles, you can control individual units, deploy tanks, and deploy tanks as a commander. Let’s take action on the ground as soon as possible.

Assessments in general

When you can place any tank you like from the list on the battlefield and command it whenever you want, the game is better than World of Tanks. The game becomes laggy once you place a lot of tanks, but as you take control of new tanks and maps, things seem great.

It’s 100% worth investing in the full version of Panzer War, say frequent free players. In terms of content, there seems to be a bit too much variety. In offline mode, you will enjoy this tank game even if it is free. This game is both visually appealing and fun to play.

The game runs smoother on Android devices, and there’s a chance you’ll be able to eliminate any opponent by hitting them one day in the latest update. It makes the game more realistic and exciting. In addition, it is for this reason that many players are supporting developers because the game is one of the best they have ever played.

Additionally, you won’t see any ads, but only higher rewards for battles and mod vehicles won’t restrict your income. In addition, a few bugs need to be fixed, like when you control the plane for the first time, things get messed up before Panzer War lags. The game even freezes your phone when you play some of the game modes.

Playing the game

Panzer War is all about tactical ingenuity and making the most of your tanks on the battlefield to defeat your opponents. In order to succeed in the game, you must have cover, line of sight, and suppression. To prevent the threat of war, you should direct necessary resources utilizing genuine battlefield tactics.

In Panzer War, you can always send your armored units into combat with high caution, just as in other tank games. If you’d like, you can also challenge other players from around the world in multiplayer mode whenever you like, and you can play with bots in 7×7 fights.

It is possible to try another mode if you dislike this one because the game offers different modes besides 7×7 battles. The gameplay is similar to WarThunder or Total Tank Simulator. Additionally, each tank has its own physics, and each bullet follows the laws of gravity. All tank sights aim quite accurately, as you know.

We would have rated this game five stars if this issue hadn’t arisen. A female crew’s voice changes. When you download every mod except voice packs, the voice is fine, but after that, it turns out to be different and weird. The voice needs to be fixed.


The background graphics of Panzer War are breathtaking, and the particle effects are also in-depth during gameplay. Custom game modes are preferred by everyone, so it’s better to include them in the next updates. Although the controls for the plane are difficult, the players can place all the tanks and planes on the battlefield.

With extreme shooting skills, let’s tear the enemies apart from afar with a deadly tank strike.

Words of wisdom

With Panzer War MOD APK, you can experience the thrill of new and heavy army tank conflicts and experience the new military machines in the season of war. In all games of war, tanks clash. During a counter panzer tank attack, the army needs many shooting weapons.