Gamers can join Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Kitana, Raiden and other favorite Mortal Kombat characters in their new adventures in Mortal Kombat. The series’ fatal and inhuman fighting styles remain, as they have in previous installments. You’ll be able to rip out the spines of your opponents and have their heads chopped off.

There will be no fighting alone this time, as the game will also introduce 3v3 combats, in which your team must be assembled and you must use varied tactics. Mortal Kombat offers you an exciting gameplay experience in this godly reincarnation


In this section, you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Easy-to-use controls

Initially, Mortal Kombat introduces gamers to a simple and convenient control system, which allows them to quickly become familiar with the game’s controls. Aside from that, you’ll enjoy the combats extremely easily thanks to the combination of gestures and touch controls. Engage your characters in exciting matches by performing quick combos. Furthermore, you can customize the controls of the game to suit your preferences.

Choose your favorite character and play the game

Mortal Kombat X offers you a lifetime opportunity for fans of the famous action series. Enjoy controlling your favorite characters, fighting other enemies in epic battles, and experiencing the iconic Mortal Kombat fighting styles.

The fight will be contested by three members of your team, instead of one. There are certain races and traits that are common to each character. Many useful buffs can be unlocked when you have the right characters in your team.

To unlock more powers, upgrade your characters

Furthermore, you can also unlock unique powers and abilities for your characters whenever you’re ready. Thus, players can upgrade their fighters and unlock them by using character cards. Take advantage of amazing buffs to maximize their potential.

Earn rewards by completing quests

Get ready for your upcoming adventure as you’ll need to travel through dangerous lands. To get to the Netherrealm, follow the trails off the Outworld. Your quests and missions will vary along the way. Make your way through this dark world and earn valuable rewards.

Play the game the way you want

The game can also be customized to suit the players’ preferences using many available features, which makes it more enjoyable and relatable. Feats of Strength offer multiple character customizations that can be unlocked and collected. Put on hilarious costumes for your favorite characters.

Additionally, if you win enough matches, you’ll be able to earn the awesome Victory Stances that will give you a sense of pride when facing your opponents. As a result, you can easily irritate your opponents by showing them your Victory Taunts and War Banners when you defeat them.

Playable for free

A significant difference between Mortal Kombat X and other console-grade Android games is that users do not have to pay anything to play the entire game. Although the game has in-app purchases, it isn’t very balanced. The overall goal in this game is to be active so that you can make up for this. You can earn awesome prizes when you complete tough challenges.

With our mods, you can unlock God Mode

It is, however, possible to play this game on a mod version if you dislike the in-game purchases and wish to do something about them. You just need to download the Mortal Kombat X Mod APK file on your storage device to have it installed. The game can be easily installed if you follow our instructions.

The quality of the visuals and audio


One of the few mobile games that can actually redefine the mobile gaming market is Mortal Kombat X, featuring stunning 3D graphics. Android games could finally be seen and believed to look like those developed for consoles.

Not to mention that the studio did an excellent job recreating Mortal Kombat’s unique fighting styles. Unlike other mobile games, this title offers realistic fights and physics.

As a final note, the game can be played on a variety of devices with varied hardware thanks to the customizable graphics. Having a low-end Android device won’t disappoint you yet.


While fighting between gods and inhumans in Mortal Kombat, you will experience powerful and impactful audio experiences. Metal weapons collide, explosive explosions occur, lightning strikes, and so on. Moreover, you’ll be able to experience unforgettable sounds as your opponent’s guts are torn out or their spines are pulled out.