Mini World: Block Art

The story

Players will enjoy endless sandbox gameplay in the 3D pixelated world in the game. You can interact with the responsive environments, craft and make your way through plenty of in-game characters, and interact with plenty of available building and crafting features in Mini World.

Join the supportive online community in Mini World Block Art and enjoy the addictive gameplay through different game modes. The Creation mode allows you to join forces with pixelated friends to create your own world while the Survival challenges offer incredible gameplay.

In the endless world of Mini World Block Art, you can even make your own mini-games. Create your own world, customize your games, and more using all the interesting features available.

In addition to the addictive gameplay, the online community has created hundreds of interesting mini-games for you to enjoy. Join other gamers in their own worlds as you freely explore the interactive gameplay in Mini World Block Art.


All the features of the game can be found here:

A touch screen interface that is intuitive and convenient

The simple and intuitive touch controls are an excellent place to start. The vast sandbox maps offer interesting aspects for you to discover as you move around with your character. Furthermore, you can also use gesture controls to perform attacks and interact with the environment easily. With Mini World Block Art’s easy missions and intuitive tutorials, you’ll quickly become familiar with the controls.

Whether you play alone or with friends, you’ll enjoy the game

Furthermore, gamers are also allowed to enjoy in-game challenges with friends or alone in order to make the game as free and liberating as possible. It is possible to enjoy playing in Single Player mode even if you do not have an Internet connection or do not want to play online. You can, however, participate in Online Multiplayer gameplay if you want to interact with other gamers. Feel free to play with friends or strangers at any time.

Explore the vast world of sandboxes

A massive sandbox world also introduces gamers to a world where they can do and explore whatever they want. With multiple environments to explore, monsters to face, and interesting resources to collect, there will never be a dull moment in the game. You can find amazing pieces of items while creating interesting contraptions in Mini World Block Art while roaming the awesome maps.

Play exciting modes in the game

Additionally, Mini World Block Art introduces a variety of different game modes that players can access to make the game more diverse and interesting.

  • Survival mode – When you first play, you can take part in the classic Mini World Block Art gameplay. Your character will face thrills and excitements as they try to survive in a strange world with endless possibilities. Foraging for certain resources in the area and staying alive against monster attacks are essential to surviving. Building towns and castles starts with collecting materials and items from all around you.

  • Mini World Block Art’s epic gameplay will definitely appeal to players who enjoy creating and building things. Explore the many options for designing, building, and customizing virtual worlds with the tools available.

  • The online community has also created hundreds of mini games that provide access to hundreds of interesting gameplay options in Mini World Block Art. You can use these games to create your own worlds and mini-games, which are essentially unique worlds that have been created by other gamers.

  • Customize your characters as you wish

    You should also dress your characters in unique outfits since you’ll be playing online. So you can attract the attention of other gamers and brag about your accomplishments to your friends. Moreover, you can customize your in-game characters with awesome outfits relatively easily and simply thanks to plenty of customization options.

    Having many cute pets is a great idea

    Also, the game offers interesting and adorable pets you can take along with you on your journey in the game if you find the customization options not enough. Our adorable pets include pandas, penguins, chickens, and many more.

  • Every month, get the latest updates

    As part of the game’s monthly updates, you’ll also receive exciting new events and interesting new content to keep the game engaging for Android gamers. As you return to your worlds in Mini World Block Art, you’ll discover more interesting gameplay as you discover new activities.

    Keep a record of the game’s most memorable moments

    Players can access the Gallery option at any time to keep track of their memorable moments. Make sure you record or take pictures of your best moments during the game. Take photos of other people’s maps, or record your own creations.

    Choose your preferred language to play the game

    Those of you interested in playing the game in other languages than the standard English localization can always do so. 14 languages are available, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, among others. This game is even more enjoyable because it includes in-depth localization support.

    Play for free

    As an added bonus, Android gamers can currently enjoy the game for free. It is available for free download from the Google Play Store.

    With our mod, you can play the game completely unlocked

    As a freemium title, the game also lacks advertisements and in-app purchases. There might be some of you who find these features a bit irritating. We have modified the game so that it features fully unlocked gameplay, so you might want to take a look at it if that’s the case. Then you can enjoy ad-free experiences whenever you like and unlock all the in-game content.

    Quality of visuals and sounds


    Experience the dynamic gameplay with beautiful environments, carefully-designed details, and more in the pixelated world. Moreover, you will be able to play on most devices smoothly and satisfyingly thanks to the undemanding blocky graphics.


  • A relaxing soundtrack and accurate sound effects combine with the immersive and accurate sound experiences of Mini World Block Art to truly immerse you in the amazing in-game environments.

    1.0.80 Android APK file for Mini World: Block Art Mod

    Those who enjoy simple yet addictive Android titles will certainly enjoy Mini World Block Art on their mobile devices. It’s an amazing adventure game, with fun and immersive worlds to explore. In addition, you’ll enjoy a lot more in-game enjoyment with the online gameplay and mods as well.