Miami Crime Vice Town MOD APK 3.0.8

Information about us

You should download Miami Crime Vice Town as soon as possible if you are one of those who fall head over heels in love with driving a helicopter and tank. Playing it so many times would be an enjoyable experience, especially when you visit so many places during the game.

The locations include clothing stores, gun shops, airports, railways, and you can even enter the houses or buildings like in any PUGB. We’re sure this game will be more exciting than we expected. Players can commit crimes nearly anywhere in the Florida city of Miami Vice Town in this common role-playing simulation game.

With this game, you’ll be able to become a crime kingpin. Apart from that, it’s easy to notice some elements of the hit 80s television show set in Miami when playing it for the first time. One more great thing about it is the parachute thing, more guns, and relevant stuff that make it 100% awesome.

In our opinion, the developers should add more people to this game. While this is a disadvantage, shooting civilians is kind of like playing Grand Theft Auto. The game will also teach anyone who is interested in the life of a dangerous criminal what it was like. You can find out the answer by downloading the game and playing it. There are also a lot of challenges to keep you on your toes.

There are times when these challenges are basic and simple, but there are also times when they are tough, interesting, and challenging. While playing the game, it’s important to pay attention to the meters appearing at the top. There is also a health meter that shows how much health a player has left. Having such an element is so great.

Knowing it will help you decide whether taking a rest is essential to maintaining your health. Also, the characters can suddenly die in the game, which allows players to take frequent breaks. In the game, you will see an icon that displays how much money you have earned and how much you have in total when you commit a crime.

In Miami Crime Vice Town, one of the biggest additions is the police force. Therefore, always keep an eye on who you’re going to shoot, where you’re going to shoot somebody else, or wherever you’re going to commit a crime. Whenever you act, be prepared to deal with the cops, as they are no pushovers.

Assessments in general

It is true that many people love the game, but there are some who believe the old version is much better. If so, what are the main reasons? There aren’t too many tasks in Miami Crime Vice Town, which makes the game a bit tedious, and the citizens don’t seem very powerful either. Throughout the game, they want more challenging obstacles and challenges.

The game itself is good aside from this. Our suggestion would be to update the game for larger maps, set up some realistic animals, and make the graphics more realistic. Moreover, the game lags a bit when there are more players, especially when there are more players. In some places, even the vehicles get stuck.

It’s super hard to kill people, and some players have issues with the controls. This problem is sure to ruin the entire gameplay if it is not resolved soon. Besides all the bad stuff we listed here, you can enjoy the pro-level graphics, cute characters, and more interesting adventures.

Playing the game

When it comes to Miami Crime Vice Town, if you’ve ever played Vegas Crime Simulator, a cool crime game with interesting tasks and interesting gameplay mechanics, you’ll definitely enjoy it. As a gangster, you’ll be performing a lot of tricks and interacting with different points of interest throughout the game. Let’s commit crimes while avoiding the police.

Whenever you throw objects through windows or rob store owners, as well as when you steal cars, remember to get as much money as you can. We’ll throw somebody from a car and steal its car so we can run away from the cop when he gets a bit too close. You will be chased by more police officers as a result of it because the police officers will call for backup.

On the left side of the game screen, you will see a map while playing. Your location is always visible at the right time at any given point. The map also shows a greenish arrow to indicate your location. Additionally, white outlines indicate the exact location of the crimes the players can commit.

You can find out where the cops are and how close they are by paying attention to the red lights on the map. It is a good way to avoid getting arrested and avoiding the police at the same time.


The graphics and gameplay in a game should be smooth, the characters should look cool, and the game should be full of smooth graphics and addictive gameplay. It does not disappoint you in any way when it comes to Miami Crime Vice Town. The game also features badass weapons, cars, helicopters, tanks, and so on. Some of the problems with this game have already been fixed after the recent updates.

Besides adding new tasks and expanding the map, the developers also added more challenging activities for the players.

A few final thoughts

Considering becoming a gangster? You can fulfill your dream of living in Miami Crime Vice Town. As you decide which side you would be on in this gangster world, you’ll have to contend with injustice and lawlessness. Take advantage of the cops’ constant surveillance in the big city, move around, and commit crimes there.