Major Mayhem MOD Apk

Major Mayhem mod APK v14 (Unlimited money) 2023

Major Mayhem mod APK¬†very enjoyable games in which you must shoot at a specific location in order to destroy the enemies’ packs. There is a lot of Mayhem in this game. An army cannot stand against it alone due to its coolness.

Once you play this wonderful game, you will see what I mean. Throughout this game, you will face an incredibly wide variety of enemies and bosses. The Evil Corporation is in the process of taking over the world, and only you can stop them.

Firstly, you must break their naval blockade and attack all the ships that are on their way, clearing them ahead of time. Keep the scientists alive by not killing them. Having been in captivity, they will repay you for your bravery with vengeance. In addition, an enjoyable cartoon theme gives this game a sense of humor and fun. It is more enjoyable through this play.

Major Mayhem MOD Apk

Specification of Major Mayhem mod APK:

Name Major Mayhem
Package Name com.turner.asmajormayhem
Publisher [adult swim] games
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 14
Size 42.39 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 4.4
Original APK Major Mayhem (42.39 MB)

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Features of Major Mayhem mod APK:

Heroine alone:

As WWE Mayhem is a 1v1 wrestling game, then Major Mayhem is an all-you-can-fight game. A talent agent is our main character. The dark forces must be defeated before he can save her. The ninja elites are your enemies. However, the agent is not the usual type of agent. She is good at hiding and throwing arrows. Will you save your love and do the job?

Multitouch shooter gameplay:

Major Mayhem has an incredibly simple gameplay style despite its complex plot. This game isn’t a shooter, you touch the enemy’s position instead of killing them. It is a game similar to beat-the-mouse. As an additional option, you can use grenades or missiles to prevent an enemy group from attacking you. A body hit by an arrow will result in a loss. So, hide behind a rock or tree and continue firing them constantly whenever you can.

Major Mayhem MOD Apk

It may seem easy at first. But the next time you play a challenging level, you’ll have to rethink your strategy. Adding to the number of ninjas is the addition of hostages. Shooting them makes you lose as well. You will face many challenges. Agents who do the job well are the best. One or more of you might be among them

Are 45 tasks enough:

Over 150 large and small tasks are incorporated into 45 levels from easy to difficult. It might be several weeks before you can play the game. In addition to unlocking 100 achievements, you’ll have the chance to explore a variety of weapons as you complete the missions. With Major

Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you will have unlimited money to spend in the game.
Immediately upon entering the game, you will be hooked. The game, however, keeps repeating itself after a while. There are a number of features added to the game to make it more fun. There are only a few levels per level. The game Major Mayhem isn’t bad if you want simple entertainment. This game would certainly become more interesting if the publisher added new weapons and different types of enemies.

Graphics, what about them:

Major Mayhem managed to create its own unique charm in the realm of graphics. It is pretty fun to simplify details with the beautiful 3D design. It has a picturesque environment. The game takes you to many different locations including tropical regions, urban areas, and deserts. Despite not being difficult to play, this game’s design makes it fun to play.

Major Mayhem MOD Apk

The following features are available:

The action never stops with 45 levels

* 4 kinds of games

The results of 100 tests

* 150 mini-missions, each with a different objective

* 5 upgrade options

Play in three scenic environments: tropical, urban, and the desert

To distribute MAJOR MAYHEM, you’ve got 20 unique weapons, such as:

Apk Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem Mod version of the game is an innovative approach to ensure that you get the full gaming experience without paying a dime. Ensure that you get the chance to play the game with an advantage by making sure that you get the chance to get the perfect chance.

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Major Mayhem MOD Apk Features:

Ads not allowed:

Ads won’t be interrupting your gameplay and you’ll have no trouble winning titles and winning battles in the game without being disturbed

Money that never runs out:

You cannot just unlock a hero and buy him to play for your alliance when you have unlimited resources. You will also be able to equip your alliance with the right weapons and ensure that you can defeat your enemies in battle sooner when you have access to unlimited resources.


Do you have an offline version of Major Mayhem?

The game is completely offline and requires no internet connection

Is Major Mayhem divided into a number of levels?

The game has 45 levels that you must complete


You can achieve excellence and maximum skill in battle with Major Mayhem MOD APK’s amazing and autonomous features. A MOD APK will provide you with greater chances to win quickly.


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