King of Crabs MOD APK 1.16.1

Gameplay and story

You will experience endless actions with your interesting crabs in the game for Android gamers. As you strive to become the king of crabs, you can choose your favorite crab warriors to fight. In exciting PvP game modes, players take on each other in the ultimate fighting experience. You can unlock new evolutions for your crab by picking up squishy targets or prey. While it’s similar to Hungry Shark Evolution, you’ll be joining your fellow crabs on the beach for some beach battles.

You will have an exhilarating and thrilling experience engaging in crab battles. Play crab fighting to its fullest potential by taking advantage of the many crab skills available. While playing King of Crabs, you’ll be able to experience some awesome in-game experiences. Feel free to play with your interestingly-looking crabs within the online matchups, and join in on all the fun.


The game features the following exciting features:

Mobile gameplay that’s both simple and engaging

The gameplay of King of Crabs is simple and straightforward, making it a great choice for Android gamers. You can choose your favorite crabs or lobsters and engage in awesome battles whenever you like. With engaging PvP experiences, you can explore the awesome gameplay of mobile actions. Take part in thrilling and hilarious brawls with other gamers. As you compete for the leaderboard or get swallowed up by other larger enemies, you have a chance to truly experience the beach life.

Get a King of Crabs upgrade and customize it

The game lets Android gamers play as crabs or lobsters, each of which has their own unique appearance and design. Enjoy the battles, collect resources, and increase the size and capabilities of your crustacean warriors. Take advantage of the upgrades available to make your crabs more powerful. Use awesome skills and abilities to unleash epic attacks. In addition, since it’s an online game, you will also want to give your crabs interesting, unique skins, which will definitely set them apart from the crowd.

A large map with a lot of loot and resources

You’ll discover a large, intuitive map filled with loots and resources in King of Crabs for Android players. You will be able to see exactly where your enemies and loot boxes are located on the intuitive, detailed mini-map. You can easily evolve your crab heroes by searching the map for awesome loot and power-ups. Look for smaller targets to pick off instead of large enemies. You’ll eventually dominate the map, if you’re able to survive.

Play online PvP games in interesting modes

Furthermore, Android gamers in King of Crabs will now be able to enjoy the game in exciting PvP game modes to make the game even more exciting. You are welcome to play awesome matchups against your friends or other online gamers all around the world. As you advance in the game, you will need to complete certain gameplay objectives.

You’ll need to gather resources and food to grow up, fight against enemies to stay on top, and compete with the big and bad enemies to become the ultimate winner of the game. Additionally, you can take part in your fellow crabs’ and lobsters’ battles against larger and stronger enemies. It doesn’t matter which way you play, King of Crabs is sure to delight you with its awesome gameplay.

Chat with your fellow gamers and have fun

With King of Crabs’ fascinating communication features, you can now further engage yourself in the exciting gameplay. You can make new friends here by chatting freely with other online gamers. Furthermore, the improved emoji and expressions will enhance the in-game experience.

Updates from the game will keep you entertained

PvP games in interesting modes for online play

In addition, Android gamers can now participate in exciting PvP game modes in King of Crabs in order to enhance their gameplay experience. The awesome matchups you can play with your friends or other online gamers all over the world are at your fingertips. A number of gameplay objectives must be completed as you advance through the game.

For you to win the game, you’ll need to gather resources, eat food, and fight against enemies to keep yourself from losing. Additionally, you can participate in the battles between your fellow crabs and lobsters. King of Crabs’ awesome gameplay won’t disappoint you no matter which way you play.

Play games with your friends and chat with them

You can now engage further in the exciting gameplay of King of Crabs thanks to its intriguing communication features. Chat freely with other online gamers here to make new friends. Aside from the improved expressions and emojis, the improved in-game experience will also benefit.

You’ll be entertained by the game’s updates


Aside from its interesting graphics, King of Crabs offers Android gamers amazing animations and awesome visual effects through its interesting gameplay of actions. You will have a very realistic and immersive crab life as a result of all of these factors. Enjoy the crab fights and combats in the game. You can play it on most Android devices thanks to the optimized visuals.

Music & Sound

Aside from its awesome visuals, King of Crabs also offers mobile gamers a variety of interesting audio experiences to enhance their gameplay experience. By closing your eyes, you can instantly be transported to the seas. Featuring powerful sound effects and realistic audio, you can explore beautiful beaches and thrilling battles. You’ll feel hooked from the get-go.


You will definitely be impressed by King of Crabs’ exciting and unique gameplay with its engaging pieces of action if you’re interested. Here, you can interact with our interesting crabs and play hilarious and addictive simulation games. Play the game to become the ultimate King of Crabs and compete for food, power, and fame. We also offer free unlocked mobile games on our website, so feel free to click here to get one.