Hills of Steel MOD APK 4.5.2


With Hills of Steel, you can fight for free and enjoy an exciting battle. For enhanced attacks on hostile territories or to experience freely, you can purchase in-app items. You shoot bullets based on realistic physics rules in this game with great gameplay. As well as unlocking various tanks and special abilities, the game lets you try them out. During a long battle, you have the option of upgrading to move faster, deal more damage, and increase your defense. Whether you are collecting loot with your tank or trying to survive the endless mode in Classic mode, this game has a captivating, deep storyline. You can become a tank champion more easily if you win more victories. This game is appealing and interesting because of its simple gameplay. The game will be appealing to fans of Angry Birds and Tank Stars. A tank is being controlled horizontally on a mobile device. Despite many trials, challenges, and blows against your enemies, you hope to succeed. For unlocking or upgrading new tanks, you can buy packs of coins and gems.

It is quite simple to play Hills of Steel since the emphasis is on entertainment. Shoot enemies on the road while controlling your tank forwards and backwards. Despite its simplicity, winning this game takes a lot of time. There is a lot of humor in this game because of the physics. A tank that runs on 2 wheels like a racing car or is stuck by a small hill brings out a lot of humor. Entertainment enthusiasts will find all of these fun.


You can use nine different types of tanks in Hills of Steel, including modern tanks like Croba, Joker, Titan, … Each of these tanks has its own weapon, such as the Gatling gun. The Reaper, Telsa’s Electric Universe, or Arachno’s laser can all do this. You may want to choose a tank with low damage and high mobility, such as the Cobra or Joker, if you like a simple fighting style. The best choice for those who prefer a safe gameplay experience is Mammoth or Titanium, which utilize shields and healing items. In case you enjoy violent gameplay and are an extreme player, Reaper is the best choice since it has a strong boost and can destroy enemy tanks with giant bombs. Adding bombing, mines, self-healing, and other customizations to your tank increases its support over time. Depending on your individual playing style, there are six different upgrade types for each tank.

It is also a popular game because of its many interesting modes. Within 60 seconds, a PvP battle can be fought against an artificial intelligence or another player. A tank must be destroyed or mana reduced at the end of the battle. You can also play the game with friends in 2 vs 2. Coordination is important in terms of tactics and skills if you want to win. Choose adventure mode if you like challenges, and you’ll have to shoot all the enemies in front of you to defeat the powerful boss. With gems, you can even revive destroyed tanks in difficult adventure mode. Classic mode is for casual gamers, and the goal is to destroy many AI vehicles and to defeat the final boss, which is similar to adventure mode. There will be an increase in difficulty and rewards with time, and you should strive to reach as high as you can. There is a “boss only” mode in the game, in which you will have to fight a series of extremely fierce bosses.

Try out different amazing tank battles through the game “Tank Stars.” There are many weapons to choose from, including simple rockets and atomic bombs. Aside from online multiplayer, this game has attractive graphics and a variety of weapon upgrades.


  • Graphically appealing 2D gameplay with a horizontal orientation.
  • Diverse upgrades, many interesting game modes.
  • Global weapon upgrades, global friend exchanges.

A few cons:

  • In terms of gameplay, not much has changed.
  • Playing for a long period of time can lead to boredom.