Hide Online MOD APK 4.9.3

Here’s the story

Using the prop hunting gameplay, Android gamers can enjoy exciting random matchups with online gamers in endless PvP experiences. As the props or the hunters, you can view the game from either perspective. Get fully immersed in hilarious hide and seek experiences as you enjoy the unique and exciting gameplay.

Become the hunter by roaming around your surroundings, looking for suspicious props, and listening to the strange music coming from each of them. Get your guns and fire at the enemies hiding behind any objects around you, regardless of their shape or size.

You can spot your opponents more effectively if you pay attention to their differences and the unique sounds they make. Take down your enemies effectively with accurate shots as you take part in exciting FPS chases. Additionally, you should avoid making the wrong shot at normal objects since it would cost you some HP.

Conversely, if you want to play as the props, then have fun hiding from hunters looking for you. Feel free to become any object and to position yourself wherever you like. Keep hidden from your enemies until the end of the matchups, or experience thrilling runaways whenever they discover you.


The game has the following exciting features:

Prop hunt is a simple and accessible game you’ll enjoy

In Hide Online, Android gamers will initially be able to enjoy the simple and accessible gameplay of prop hunting, which provides both hilarious and thrilling experiences. With your awesome guns, you can either take down the hiding props or become the prop to hide from the annoying hunters.

With Hide Online’s unique gameplay, you can challenge yourself with multiple hide and seek challenges and play to your heart’s content. You can have fun with your online matches by taking advantage of the unique mechanics in the game.

Furthermore, Android gamers will be introduced to the exciting gameplay with intuitive touch controls, allowing for a truly immersive experience. The intuitive analog controls and virtual buttons allow you to effectively control your characters and props while having fun with the hilarious in-game experiences.

Hide from your hunters by being any props

Becoming the interesting props at the beginning of the game will help you avoid the alerted hunter enemies during the match. Put yourself in the environment by arranging yourself with other real props. At the same time, be cautious and hide every time a hunter comes since they might detect you from the annoying sounds that appear occasionally. As you distract enemies and stay hidden until the countdown timer reaches zero, you’ll have a blast. You can also turn them into harmless dolls for a few seconds if they come close to finding you, so that you have time to escape.

Your own unique characters can be created and customized

As a hunter or prop, you can customize your character in Hide Online to make the game even more enjoyable. You can easily transform your look as the hunter by putting on some awesome costumes and skins. Changing your poses makes gameplay more interesting and you can get some unique firing effects when you pick up new guns. Alternately, you can change the emojis with interesting icons and have fun with the exciting props.

Play for free

In spite of all the amazing features in Hide Online, Android gamers can still enjoy it for free. The game can be downloaded and installed for free from the Google Play Store.

Using our mod, you can unlock all gameplay features

In addition, you can also download our modified version of the game with many exciting features to make the gameplay more interesting and exhilarating. You can enjoy endless charges with no cooldown time for any of your skills, unlocked gameplay with unlimited money to purchase new customizations, and ad-free experiences for a smooth in-game experience. It’s as easy as downloading and installing the Hide Online Mod APK, following the instructions, and you’re done.

The quality of the visuals and sounds


The 3D graphics in Hide Online are both relatable and enjoyable for those who enjoy the exciting prop hunting gameplay. Explore the awesome 3D environments with realistic setups and become different characters with unique looks or disguise as fascinating objects.


Along with its impressive 3D graphics, the game’s addictive soundtrack and responsive sound effects also allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the awesome prop hunting experiences. During your hilarious chases or runaways, you’re always fully present on the battlefield.

Final thoughts

For hardcore prop hunter fans, you can now have fun with your new and interesting gameplay of hide and seek with Hide Online. Along with Hide.io and AXES.io, enjoy another casual mobile game whenever and wherever you like. As you dive into the hilarious matchups, you’ll also find our modded features in the game extremely fun and enjoyable.