Football Field Kick MOD APK 1.21

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There is only one person on display when it comes to Football Field Kick, since it is a game of solitude. As a result, you’ll be able to control the soccer player’s kicking. Depending on the user’s preference, characters appear as males or females. Therefore, you don’t get virtual vision like seeing with your eyes, but you feel like a coach.

There are almost no limits to the fields through which the ball can travel. As you reach further, you will be able to see a wider view. Every time you reach the 500m-milestone, the scene around the ball will expand. You can barely get bored with the graphic since there are so many fields to choose from. From a grassy field to a familiar park near your house, to nearby streets with parked cars, lampposts, and trees, the space changes. As you move the ball, you will encounter obstacles such as walls, tree pots, street poles, cars, hills, etc. Hence, there will be more to the game than kicking.

Playing the game alone is the easiest and best way to enjoy it. Alternatively, you can tell your friends and family about your challenge. As opposed to a competition, it would be more like a cyber-bonding activity.

There are hundreds of balls to choose from for customization, among which there is something extraordinary to kick. Colors and patterns are also available for customs. It is possible to verify the gender of the characters if you wish. As the game progresses, missions and upgrades change level by level, so users never get bored.

There’s no end to Football Field Kick. There is no limit to how far you can go.

An overview of the situation

In the latest version, the graphics and interaction are more smooth, and the game has been developed several times.

Despite the improvement in quality, you can still kick the ball in the latest version. There have never been so many characters, spinners, and balls to choose from-some show extra fun to choose from.

In order to advance in the game, you have to complete numerous missions. More scenery can be seen in the background. Aside from the center field, surrounding areas have more details; therefore, the ball faces more obstacles and gifts.

Users can play both online and offline with the new version with minimal differences. Simplicity and endless refilled thrills make it one of the best games for killing time.

What you need to know about football field kicks

The simplicity of the game will shock you once you learn it. It is simply a matter of kicking the ball as far as possible. It won’t take you long to figure out how to do it once you see the display. The following instructions will save you from wasting your first minutes in confusion.


Tempting graphics

Offer simple actions, but the graphic exceeds expectations. A lively character is created. While waiting for the kick, he might even stretch his muscles or jump up and down.

It is also exciting to see the dial plate constantly moving as well as the changing scenery. If you tried to control the ball’s path and obstacles, you’d have a hard time.

In addition, the flying object appears to move so realistically. It bounces, spins, and stops as it does in reality. Physical contact is also present in the game.

Options that are interesting

The ball collection is the most diverse among collections. The list includes ordinary objects in a variety of colors and shapes. The irregular options can also be unlocked, however.

Choosing between bowling pins, tennis balls, tennis table balls, etc., can be tricky at the beginning levels.

In addition, you will see fruits, cubes, hamburgers, lifesavers, coke, and many other items that you would not expect in the kicking game at a higher level.

Would you like to experience what it feels like to kick them virtually? Spend your time leveling up if yes.

A bounciness enhancement could be the next exciting option. Our goal is to make the ball go further by tapping on the screen for a bouncing effect, but we can only do that three times per kick. As a result, the bouncing enhancement function comes in handy. As a result, the distance per time is extended. As a result of the illustrative visual effect, you can feel the mighty bouncing.

The game goes beyond football

Football fans aren’t the only ones who enjoy this game, but anyone who enjoys killing time can enjoy it. Despite being so easy, children enjoy kicking. The thrill of playing is also increased by extraordinary objects to kick. Don’t you wonder what kicking a hamburger feels liker?

It is also possible to practice memorizing vocabulary words as well as practicing aiming, memorizing, and redirecting. As there is no map, you will have to use your memory to play this game blindly. Initially, you may be confused, but soon you will feel triggered

Alternatives to consider

There are many kicking games that follow the same theme. In contrast, if you enjoy Football Field Kick’s graphics in a more vital football vibe, we suggest these two games.

Android Kick is perfect

We are reminded of the old Mario game with 2D characters when playing Perfect Kick. The background, however, appears in 3D space with a football court-like appearance.

Fans of authentic soccer will enjoy this game since it mimics the movements and rules of penalty kicks.

Graphics are cruder but cute enough to grab your attention.

Online football for Apple devices: Final Kick

Final Kick: Online Football is recommended for devices running the iOS operating system. Among the three, this one has the best graphics. Characters appear with human figures, so does the scenery.

This scene will give you an exquisite football game with vibrant colors and realistic movement. This online football game displays players’ competitive nature, fosters teamwork, and encourages strategic planning.

There is now a free in-store purchase option for the highly sophisticated and high-quality app. Isn’t it time to get started?

Words of wisdom

In addition to being a good game for solitude, Football Field Kick Mod APK can also be used as a competition among friends and family. This app appears to fit any phone due to its 3D visual effect and smooth in-app operation.

Furthermore, the content does not become stale over time. The unexpected flow of events makes the game fun to explore. The goal remains anonymous to users since no one has reached the final spot yet. Can you uncover it?