Exploration Lite Craft MOD APK 1.1.6

Graphics and sound effects with unique 3D effects

An example of a CanaryDroid game is Exploration Lite Craft. Tortala, British Virgin Islands, is the location of this developer. Google Play is the only place to download Exploration Lite Craft. This game is only compatible with Android-based mobile devices. The game Exploration Lite Craft can be downloaded for free and is only playable by one player. Aside from this, Exploration Lite Craft does not require Internet connection. The game can therefore be played anywhere at any time.

The players’ experiences will be made more realistic by 3D graphics and sharp images. Even though Exploration Lite Craft uses cubes to build its world, the flowers look realistic. Furthermore, exploring the world will change the flow of time. Night to morning, or season to season. It is especially true when winter comes that snow covers everything. As a result, you become immersed in the game. Furthermore, the game has a vivid sound. Whenever you strike rocks with a pickaxe or are attacked by something, you can hear it. In addition, playing with a light background music will make you feel more comfortable. You can still turn off the sound in the game settings if you don’t want to disturb others.

Make an interesting start to your journey

Players can learn how to play many games. It is the same with Exploration Lite Craft. During the course of Exploration Lite Craft, you will receive instructions on how to perform certain actions, such as moving wood or exploiting it. In the game, you will find 6 tutorials. During the Basic Level, you will have access to Archetecture, Planting and Food, Combat, Portal, and Mount. Moving and collecting items will be demonstrated in the Basic tutorial. You can turn around your smartphone by swiping the screen. Alternatively, a joystick is required to move left or right, forward or backward. Keeping the items pressed will allow you to collect them. Constructions will be explained in the Archetecture tutorial. Stone blocks need to be selected. Put the stones in the desired position by tapping. The tutorial on Planting and Food will also teach you how to cook. You can learn a lot of things. To learn more about them, let’s go to Tutorial.

After completing the Basic tutorial, Exploration Lite Craft opens a whole new world to you. Your character’s indicators should be considered while exploring the world. Health, Hunger, and Breathing are three of the most important indicators. Breathing is only displayed when you are underwater. Those indicators will lead to your character’s death if they are exhausted. Watching a video will revive your character after he has died. A revival can also be performed at home by the character. You will, however, lose all your items and blocks around the point of death. To get your items and blocks back, you’ll need to go to your death point.

All dangers must be destroyed by making tools and weapons

There are no dangers when you play Exploration Lite Craft in the morning. There are many different dangers that you will encounter at night, such as spiders, ghosts, mummies, wolves, … So you need to make the tools and weapons to combat them. Pickaxes, hoes, pickaxes, and even wooden sticks can be used. When the mantle of darkness falls, they can all defeat dangerous monsters. You can also be protected by a good armor from monster attacks.

It’s crucial to exploit the items that create the new tools before you can possess them. Exploration Lite Craft is a game where everything is useful. Therefore, it is essential that you find out more about the tools or equipment in order to know which items are most crucial to exploit. A wooden stick and two wood planks are needed to craft the wood sword, for example. Iron, gold, diamonds, etc., are rare resources. It is possible to find iron in the ground. A crater that no longer works could be the source of the diamonds. Rare resources should be exploited with caution. It can be impossible to get back to the ground if you don’t do this. Utilize the weapons you crafted and mined during the day to fight evil monsters at night.

Character skills

Several skills have been added to your character to make the game more interesting. The skills of Exploration Lite Craft will be divided into two categories: Passive Skills (Fire Blade, Frost Blade, Arcane Sword, Hypnosis, …) and Spells (Fire Blade, Frost Blade, Arcane Sword, Hypnosis, …). Depending on the skill, it will have a different effect on the player. With the Frogman skill, you can stay under water for a longer period of time. You can hypnotize nearby enemies if you have the Hypnosis skill. The Frost Blade skill slows your target’s movement speed by freezing their blood. In addition to this, you are able to upgrade the skills of the character in the game. Make your character stronger by exploring all skills and upgrading them. Teleportation between Portals is also possible for your character. In this way, you will be able to move more quickly and transport your items more easily. Those tasks can be performed by building portals.

The above factors have contributed to Exploration Lite Craft’s popularity worldwide. We invite you to explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, grow plants, raise your own mounts, and cast magic spells in Exploration Lite Craft. This game allows you to use your creativity and imagination to the fullest extent possible.