Duddu MOD APK 1.74

Discover the character’s clothes and house for the dog

The Bubadu platform has built and offered a number of games, including Duddu. Both the App Store and Google Play store have the game available. For Android and iOS devices, you can download the app for free.

There are several rooms in your dog’s house, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Dogs have bedroom furniture that includes beds, desks, laptops, bookshelves, etc. The furniture is arranged in each room to accommodate the dogs’ needs. A number of new furniture designs and materials can be added to the dog’s house when the player redecorates it. Wooden or ceramic tiles can be used to cover the floors in the bathroom and kitchen. The bedroom should be wallpapered. Replace the living room carpet with a new one. Coins or gems will be used to purchase the furniture. In addition, the new furniture will become available when you gain a new level. Dog houses can be decorated in a classical style or a modern style with a variety of furniture systems. It is also possible to customize the outside of the house. The roof can be replaced, the walls can be painted, or the fence can be constructed.

In addition to buying clothes, hats, ties, necklaces, and other items for your pet, the player can also purchase accessories. As well as changing the color of the dog’s eyes and fur, the dog can also have different personalities. You have a wide range of options to choose from. To change your dog on a daily basis, buy lots of new clothes and accessories.

It will increase the players’ experience with bright color and sharp images. There is a lot of cuteness and humor in this character. A lively soundtrack makes it easier for you to enjoy taking care of your dogThe sounds of a dog talking on the phone or acting angry while listening to a video game’s soundtrack.

Get a dog and become its owner

Taking care of the dog as the owner is the purpose of participating in Duddu. You’ll have to do everything. Everything from feeding the dog when he’s hungry, bathing him, keeping him clean and healthy, putting him to sleep when he’s tired, playing with him, washing his clothes. Shut all the lights and close the window when your dog goes to sleep, for example. In order to ensure hygiene when eating, you should also wash the dog’s hands frequently. You can better care for your pet by seeing what your dog thinks, thanks to the publisher. Your dog’s requirements can be met by applying those thoughts. In such a case, you should feed him when he thinks about food. To understand the requirement more quickly, let’s click on the dog’s thinking. After a play day, the dogs left a lot of trash in the dog’s house, and the player needs to clean it.

In Duddu, the publisher provides a variety of food for the dog to have a varied diet. In the beginning, the player is provided with only 5 dishes, but as you progress through the levels, the number of dishes increases. Level 9 is the level at which you can purchase coffee. Upon unlocking level 22, cherries are available for purchase. You can also purchase food and drink from the market or from the “Shopping Cart” icon. The miraculous potion phials that Duddu offers will make your dog feel cheerful or full right away. Skip sleep by giving him the potion phial with the moon symbol.

Minigames and interesting places are included in the entertainment

Your dog will have a lot of fun playing over 30 different mini games. Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, Archer, Pirate Battle, Brick Breaker, Block Puzzle, Treasure Island, Moto Racer, Fruit Connect, Space Explorer, Hen Farm, and various cooking games are just some of the games you can play. Additionally, these games allow you to earn coins or other goods. A number of foods, clothes, and furniture can be purchased with the coins. While your dog is walking on the street, you can play the mini games. Join Moto Racer by touching a motorbike. Bubble Shooter can be played by touching balls. If you touch bees, you’ll be able to play Bee Ambush. Playing the minigames is not possible if your dog is too tired. Therefore, he needs to go to sleep. You can replay after a while when he is better. In addition to playing the game in your dreams, you can also play it with your dog. You should play these games with your dog so he will always be happy and smiling.

In addition, there are many interesting places in Duddu, such as the club, the gym, the gallery, the music center, and the dog school. Play drums or piano in the music center or dance with your friends in the club. You can also work out in the gym, paint in the art gallery, or dance in the club. Guide the dog to the left to reach the places. When your dog participates in these activities, he will have a lot of fun. The house of your friend is also on your list of places to visit. Your dog may be invited to visit your friends’ houses once in a while by their friends. You will find many ideas for decorating your pet’s house in these houses.

In the player, 27 languages are supported. In addition to English, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Vietnamese, and so on, many other languages are also spoken. The missions can be understood and completed by players in a variety of languages. In the game’s settings, you can choose the display language.

Get to know your virtual pet on a more personal level

As part of the game, you will receive daily challenges that will teach you about the dog’s habits. Your virtual pet will develop a good friendship with you as a result of this. A surprise gift from a special friend will be waiting for you in your mailbox every day. As a pet owner, you are responsible for the well-being of the animal. Make your pet happy by feeding, bathing, and playing with him. When the player has free time or needs to relax, they can look after their dog anywhere. There is no Internet connection required for the game. Let’s make sure your dog is well taken care of.