Cops N Robbers MOD APK 13.4.2

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Gamers on Android will enjoy the gameplay of an FPS shooter while enjoying the unique pixelated graphics of the game. Take part in endless PvP and PvE challenges with friends and online gamers in the awesome shooter gameplay. Become a cop or a criminal in this interesting pixelated gameplay.

As well as exploring and experiencing a variety of different game modes in Cops N Robbers, each with its own unique gameplay and interesting features, gamers will also have the opportunity to experience and explore a variety of different game modes. Enjoy the refreshing gameplay and unique visuals as you switch between them. Get ready for endless shooter challenges as you pick up your huge weapon collection.

Most importantly, you can create all kinds of interesting setups for your characters as you lead them into battle with fully customizable environments, characters, weapons, and equipment.


This section will tell you everything you need to know about the game:

Explore the single-player storyline in-depth

With the exciting single-player game mode, Android gamers can experience fun and interesting shooter gameplay. The goal of this game is to help our legendary prisoner escape from different prisons in the game. You’ll be taking on a variety of different in-game challenges that would lead you through a variety of different facilities with tougher guards and more secure cells. You can still take on the ultimate prison break challenge by picking up your guns and weapons.

Play multiplayer games and have a blast

Furthermore, Cops N Robbers offers players the chance to partake in exciting PvP challenges in online multiplayer gameplay to make the game even more interesting. With this game, you’ll be able to enjoy awesome online gameplay with a variety of setups and game modes to choose from. Fun in-game experiences that you can customize to your liking:

  • As you try to defend your stronghold against enemies’ attacks, you start in stronghold mode. Join forces with your teammates to build incredible contraptions together or play alone and build your castle. Win by destroying the opponent’s stronghold.

  • You can always enjoy the exciting Death Match with your team if you prefer a more direct approach. Challenge your enemies to an all-out assault with your resources ready.

  • Cops N Robbers offers gamers the opportunity to enjoy their thrilling killing sprees in the Killing Competition Mode. Win endless killing competitions by defeating enemies one after another. Go for the highest kill scores to win.

  • For those who prefer to play the game peacefully, you can play it in the Peace Mode. Discover the world and customize your character before diving into combat.

  • Furthermore, the Hide and Seek Mode will certainly make things quite entertaining for most Android gamers if you’re looking for a more interesting way to play Cops N Robbers.

    Enjoy a variety of maps with interesting setups

    You can also customize your surroundings with a multitude of options in Cops N Robbers’ in-game maps. There are over 20 system maps to play with. After that, you can dive into the endless custom maps that were also created by the online community. Make your own maps as you go if you want to be one of them.

    It is possible to pick up a variety of weapons

    Cops N Robber features more than 50 different weapons for players to choose from, making the fights in the game a lot more interesting. In addition, if you’re interested, you can also use the editor to create your own unique weapons if you so desire. Feel free to customize your dream weapons however you like and make them unique.

    Armors can be created and customized

    Along with the weapons, Cops N Robbers allows you to create and customize your own armor sets. As well as the incredible armor sets that you were given at the beginning of the game such as the Santa Claus Set, Tesla Armor Set, Hawk Set, etc. If you already have armors that you like, you can customize them based on them, or you can create your own completely from scratch. Make yourself more capable during battle by adding a lot of power-ups and enhancements.

  • Find out what makes skin unique

    What’s the one thing that’s still missing? This is the complete customizable skin system for Cops N Robbers. The latest update to the game provides Android gamers with customizable skins, customizable features, and interesting accessories that will make your characters stand out on the battlefield. With these features, Android gamers will definitely be satisfied with the in-game skin customizations.

    Have fun and make friends

    You can certainly enjoy and make new friends playing Cops N Robbers if you are interested. As a result, you’ll find it quite easy to connect with friends and other online gamers from all over the world with the complete Friends System. By tapping on them, you can add them and then chat with them in-game. Create a room with your friends and play together. In-game voice and text chats allow you to communicate whenever you want.

    Choose your preferred language to play the game

    Gamers can also experience Cops N Robbers’ shooter gameplay in their preferred language to make the game more entertaining. As a result, the game is fully multilingual, supporting English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and so on. By using these, you’re able to get the most out of your pixelated shooting experiences.

    You can play unlimited games with our mod

    Additionally, if you’re interested, our modified version of Cops N Robbers will remove annoying ads and in-game purchases. We have published a Cops N Robbers Mod APK on our website that you can download and install. The instructions provided will guide you through the process. With no ads, unlimited money, and unlocked gameplay anytime you want, you’ll always have fun. There will never be a problem with coins and gems.

    Quality of visuals and sounds


    Despite the game’s simple and seemingly plain pixelated graphics, most Android gamers would still find Cops N Robbers to be incredibly enjoyable and fun. As a result of the game’s dynamic and detailed visuals. Although the game may look blocky, the in-depth designs make it extremely realistic. The undemanding graphics also make it easy to play Cops N Robbers on your mobile device.


    Players will also enjoy the awesome in-game audio in Cops N Robbers along with the dynamic and immersive visual effects. Throughout the game, you’ll hear interesting and accurate sound effects.


    The awesome pixelated shooter gameplay of Cops N Robbers is sure to appeal to those of you who enjoy Block City Wars, Pixel Gun 3D, and a few other great FPS games on our website. You’ll also enjoy playing the game to its fullest with the unlocked and free gameplay on our website.