City Island 5

City Island 5 Tycoon Building mod apk

A new city-building simulator in which you serve as mayor of a village on an island. City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Simulation Offline MOD money This game for PC is presented by MTV. Every day, complete exciting tasks to improve your city and get chests containing items to improve it. Improve your town’s economy, infrastructure, and transportation. Develop from the ground up, populate it with new residents, and construct new buildings: hotels, restaurants, parks, entertainment centers, and only residential buildings.

The more resources a city has, the higher its chances of developing. Open as many factories as you can and invest in their development. Make sure to cater to the tourists as well, by building various attractions and entertainment facilities throughout the city. Develop airports, seaports, roads, and rail lines, build a good junction and expand your territory. You can also annex islands and territories with their own relief systems. Take on the job of mayor in the city and make it the best!

Features of City Island 5


There have been over 30 million downloads of City Island 4. Your role as the mayor of a small island town will be to safeguard the pristine environment. Creating modernity in your town is your job, of course. Furthermore, you can explore new islands with your balloon to expand your airspace. It’s the place where your city will be built.

The city is growing at an accelerated rate

The most popular city-building games, like Dream Town Story and Little Big City 2, usually only require maintaining one city. The more islands you discover, the more cities you’ll own in City Island 5. A city is characterized by various things depending on the theme or characteristics of its island. Clouds hide them from view, awaiting you to climb the balloon to explore them. A different city can be built on each island, depending on its topography and characteristics. Alternatively, you can invite people from nearby cities to your city or you could visit them. With so many players, cities will certainly be fairly large

Modern buildings can be very profitable when you build them. Those projects include a variety of small games, such as cafes, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. There will be no boredom after that. There are many privately owned buildings in modern cities. Additionally, there are many dream cities that can be built on islands. Developing City Island 5 requires quite a bit of time. You can’t build a bustling city from nothing!

It’s a lot of fun to play this game

City Island 5
City Island 5

The new and popular city-building game City Island 5 is available for mobile devices. While you’re busy with it, it’s very fulfilling to build something you love. With its many missions, collections, and upgrade activities, it also has a variety of features. Additionally, completing the task will reward you with exotic treasures and rewards. With dozens of islands to explore, the game is fun. You can create a monumental city from scratch, so what’s better than that?

The game’s success can also be attributed to its very appealing image. Feel as if you’re taking control of a city you’ve never seen before with vibrant colors and scenes. In addition, the sound is quite enjoyable while watching the bustling life in the city. The background music is also changed on each island on a flexible and happy basis.

A free game like this is also reasonably small and is playable offline. It’s capacity is about 80MB.


City Island 5
City Island 5


Each of the City Island games contains multiple islands, and the fifth one will be no different. Various characteristics differ among islands, including topography, climate, environment, and weather. A player’s buildings will be automatically classified according to which island type the player has selected. With the help of a special vehicle, players can travel freely between the islands and build new structures during their absence. There will be mainstream services on each island, and players can use them effectively and create thriving islands.

The game will make these islands more interesting by adding secrets and treasures for players to discover as most of the islands are deserted and show no signs of civilization. When the size of a city expands after each level, the player can find any treasures hiding in random locations. There are many attractive rewards to be had by players with those treasure pieces, including ancient structures to build for cities.

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