BombSquad MOD APK 1.7.10

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Game play in the game will be unique and refreshing, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in a bomber game. In this game, you can control interesting characters and take part in exciting bombing challenges. Your characters are very active and lively with ragdoll physics.

There are multiple gameplay modes, each with its own unique characteristics. Set up your ultimate bombing challenges on varied maps with interesting setups. Explore the game’s many interesting explosions and buffs while having fun. With friends and online gamers worldwide, you can enjoy your ultimate bombing challenges.

Get ready to blow up your friends when you play Bombsquad and take on exhilarating bomber challenges. Play on a completely new level of fun and enjoyment.


All the game’s features can be found here:

Touch controls that are intuitive and simple

The gameplay in Bombsquad will keep Android gamers completely hooked to the game’s in-game experiences as they explore more of the game’s fun and interesting features. You’ll be able to easily adapt to the intuitive touch controls and the simple yet addictive gameplay. Move your character around the field effectively by using the virtual analog.

If you wish to attack your opponents or stay away from their bombs, you can use the four different ability buttons on the right-hand side. Furthermore, the ragdoll physics are very compatible with the exhilarating controls.

Buffs and abilities that can be exploited during matches

In addition, each Bombsquad player will discover different buffs and abilities, each with unique and interesting uses. Utilize these abilities to hilariously throw bombs at your enemies, run away from their bombs, unlock unique and enjoyable buffs by collecting items, and even participate in epic punch battles against your opponents. As you experience the new and refreshing gameplay, you will enjoy the epic bomber gameplay to the fullest.

Map setups that are strangely satisfying and have interesting characters

A unique and refreshing art style and clay-like maps with all kinds of interesting constructions await Android gamers in Bombsquad. When you play Bombsquad, you’ll experience dynamic and enjoyable bomber gameplay.

You can choose from multiple game modes

Bombsquad also offers a variety of interesting game modes to make the game more interesting for gamers

  • In this exciting co-op mode, you’ll find yourself taking on all kinds of interesting enemies through a series of epic levels as you take on the ultimate bomber journey together with your friends. You’ll experience a variety of gameplay every time you take on a new challenge.
  • For those of you interested, Bombsquad also has exciting team battles. A gamer can easily form a team with his or her friends as well as random players. As you take on players from all over the world, you will be able to join forces. Enjoy different game setups and compete against others.
  • Moreover, if you wish to play alone, you can join the Free-for-All mode and have fun while blowing up your opponents.

Play interesting minigames with brilliant setups

You’ll find that Bombsquad’s mini-games are fun and addictive, with brilliant setups for those who are interested.

  • Play the traditional game of capturing the flag to begin your ultimate bombing challenge. During this game, the two sides will battle for the ultimate goal of retrieving the other team’s flag and protecting theirs.
  • Keep Away – Have some hilarious adventures with other gamers with the exciting Keep Away gameplay. Keeping your distance from bomb holders will prevent you from being blown up.
  • A never-ending battle awaits you in Onslaught against approaching enemies. Your bombing squad will have to deal with endless waves of enemies.
  • Enjoy a more refreshing and unique gameplay of Bombsquad in this side-scrolling game, King of the Hill.
  • Two interesting game modes are available for those who enjoy sports and love athlete battles. During the process, blow up your opponents while playing your favorite sports with friends

In addition to its great gameplay, the game has plenty of other interesting elements.

Play for free

This game offers so many amazing features, it’s surprising to discover that it’s still free for Android players to play. As a result, Bombsquad is available for free download from the Google Play Store for mobile devices.

We have a mod that unlocks gameplay

In addition, if you find the ads and in-game purchases to be annoying, we have a fully unlocked version of Bombsquad available for you to enjoy. Our website has Bombsquad Mod APK that you can download and install. Follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go. Our awesome mod will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

The quality of the visual and audio


The game has a unique style of clay-like graphics and hilarious ragdoll physics that entertain gamers despite its lack of impressive graphics. Discover Bombsquad gameplay and enjoy the dynamic graphics to the fullest. As a result of the undemanding gameplay, you can always play Bombsquad on most Android devices.


In addition to the powerful and impactful sound experiences, gamers in Bombsquad will have access to the powerful and immersive audio. As well as the customizable music, which you don’t always see in most games, the game offers a lot of replay value. Hence, it is always nice to have the option of changing the music in different game modes.


We are certain that you will enjoy Bombsquad, especially the unlocked version, if you have enjoyed Bomber Friends and a few other similar games on our website. On mobile devices, finding another great title to go along with this game is not easy, especially with its fun, hilarious, and exciting gameplay.