Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.65

The story

The game allows players to play as bombers and engage in frenzy bomb battles against their friends and other gamers around the world. Play with your bombs and outsmart them to corner them in an endless amount of fun and exhilarating action. For the game to be won, all players must be eliminated.

Get multiple buffs as you play the game to enhance your bombing power. These buffs can extend the damage range, increase the number of bombs available, and speed up the explosion. In addition, don’t think that when you’re killed, the game is over. By haunting other gamers, especially those who eliminated you, you can also affect the match by inflicting certain debuffs on them. In this way, you’ll never fall behind the competition in the game.

It is sure that gamers will have fun playing Bomber Friends regardless of whether they are playing single-player or multiplayer challenges.


The following features are available in this game:

Bomber is a classic game that you will enjoy

The classic and authentic Bomber gameplay will be enjoyed by Android gamers at first. A well-optimized touchscreen control system allows you to fully experience the iconic Bomber style gameplay with smooth controls. With the touch controls, you can easily control your characters.

Experience endless bomber adventures on your mobile device

Additionally, simple and intuitive early levels will quickly introduce gamers to the exciting gameplay. With each new level you progress to, the gameplay becomes increasingly challenging. Enjoy 6 different worlds packed with exciting features as you cruise through them. With Bomber Friends, you’ll have to face 300 challenging levels with escalating difficulties.

Get multiple powerups in the game and avoid curses

The original Bomber game for Android devices only let you pick up one powerup per match, but this new bomber game for Android devices lets you pick up a variety of powerups throughout the match. Increase your speed so you can walk faster and protect yourself against enemies’ blasts, unlock more bombs on your arsenals, unleash stronger explosions, and more. While taking part in the bombing challenge, you’ll be able to select a variety of boosters.

Curses, on the other hand, shouldn’t be mistaken for boosters. Having multiple effects, these curses can make you move in reverse, run slower, or take longer to initiate your bomb, among other things.

To make your experience more immersive, you can collect your own battle deck

The battle deck you use during a match can even be changed during a match. As a result of this option, you are able to fight your opponents in multiple maps with different elements. From a huge collection available, you can create your own battle deck.

With different bombs, you can blast off your enemies

For a more immersive bombing experience, gamers can choose from a variety of bombs with unique effects in Bomber Friends. Make use of the different bombing effects offered by various bombs to attack your enemies in a variety of styles with Bomber Friends. You can blast them into smithereens or blast them away.

Join online gaming communities and play with friends

The Bomber Friends game lets you sling bombs with your friends and other gamers from around the world. You can compete against up to eight different players in random bombing matchups. Get multiple rewards and victory by blowing up your opponents.

The Online Arenas will challenge you to overcome a series of challenges

To challenge yourself with the best players in Bomber Friends in the Online Arenas, you can always take your online gameplay to a new level. If you want to earn your rewards, feel free to take on the toughest opponents.

Increase your rank by collecting medals

By earning enough medals, you will be able to earn better ranks against your opponents in the Online Arenas. You can improve your skills by battling with tougher opponents as you rise through the ranks.

You can access additional content by linking to your Google Play Service account

A Google Play Service account is also required to unlock content in the game. The first thing you’ll be able to do is choose which online achievements you want to complete and unlock special rewards.

Furthermore, when you link your account to the game, you’ll be able to access online saves so you can automatically sync your progress at any time.

Your mobile device can experience console-like gameplay

The game is also available for Android TV, allowing for a whole new level of immersion. While you’re getting together with friends and family, try out your bombing gameplay on your Android TV. The controller support feature also allows for up to 8 players to participate in a single match, which is awesome.

Play for free

Despite the game’s amazing features, it is totally free to download and install on your mobile device. Simply download it from the Google Play Store without paying a penny.

With our mod, you can get free skins

Our modified version of the game allows you to dress up your character with the awesome skins in the game for free, so you can enjoy the game even more. Please feel free to download the Bomber Friends Mod APK on our website and install it on your mobile devices.

Quality of visuals and sounds


You will be introduced to the friendly bombing gameplay through simple yet fun cartoony graphics. As a result, you can enjoy it whenever you want with your friends and family members. Additionally, it features a variety of game modes and in-depth gameplay that will keep you entertained.


With fun and responsive sound effects, gamers will find it easy to enjoy the awesome and frenzy experiences in Bomber Friends. For hours on end, you’ll be hooked on the endless bombing challenges.

APK file for Bomber Friends Mod 4.65 is available for download

The epic bombing challenges allow you to compete against friends, online players, and even yourself. Whenever and wherever you want, you can play the classic Bomber game on your mobile device. We modified the gameplay so you can dress up your characters how you want with various skins.

BombSquad is undoubtedly a great bombing game if you’re interested in this type of game and looking for another great challenge.