Blue Ninja MOD APK 14.5


You will become the great hero that the city has always lacked in Blue Ninja, an exciting mobile title where Android gamers can enjoy superhero role-playing. Start saving the city’s citizens from crime lords, mafia bosses, and their dangerous henchmen when you dress up in your blue suit.

In this game, you will experience realistic ninja actions and swing around the city freely with the help of the grappling hook. The game offers many interesting mechanics to help you battle like a true ninja. Engage in the role-playing adventures as you take down enemies with your awesome skills and enjoy the addicting superhero game.


The game features the following exciting features:

With intuitive tutorials, you can control the game with your fingertips

Blue Ninja gamers can explore the city with the epic superhero freely thanks to its simple and intuitive touch controls. By using the virtual touch buttons, you can easily move around and execute simple attacks.

The dedicated action buttons also allow you to perform other advanced moves. Plus, you can move around the city easily with gesture controls. As a final note, anyone interested in revising the controls can always access the Tutorials menu.

Discover the many locations of the open-world city

Several of the open-world city’s amazing locations are available to Android gamers in Blue Ninja. Having such a vast city at your disposal will allow you to explore it to your heart’s content and engage in its many unique experiences. Get involved with many unique pieces of action against different crime bosses while being in various locations throughout the city. Your role-playing experience will be greatly enhanced by realistic city settings, dynamic visuals, and compelling environments.

Let your ninja swing around and have fun

You can now swing around the city freely with your Blue Ninja if you’re interested. You can quickly move between the building blocks by swinging from one to the other using the grappling hook. Your kung fu ninja skills will enable you to execute your perfect swinging movements with ease. Using the grappling hook, he can also demonstrate his awesome skills as he attacks and counterattacks the enemies using its many mechanics. Have no troubles exploring the cool skills and attack powers from your heroes.

You can use a variety of weapons and gadgets

Other than your trusted grappling hook, you can use many different weapons and gadgets in the game. Players will be able to choose from a variety of weapons in this game, which will allow them to enjoy their action game to its fullest potential. Wear different masks or armor sets with their own unique attributes and have fun playing the action game. Various weapons have different mechanics and attacking powers, so you’ll be able to approach the game differently. As you battle different enemies, you can pick your own style. Counter the enemies’ weapons with your own.

Defeat the enemies with your many superpowers

Blue Ninja gamers have access to a variety of superpowers and abilities that will allow them to engage in many epic battles while using these abilities. The cool hero powers will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Utilize your powers in a flexible and resourceful manner.

Offline play is available

Blue Ninja can now be played offline for those who are interested. You can enter the game wherever and whenever you want. The game requires no mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection for you to begin playing.

Play for free

All Android gamers can now enjoy Blue Ninja for free on their mobile devices despite all the exciting features. So, you can download the game for free from the Google Play Store and start playing it right away. It is important to keep in mind that you will need to watch ads to advance in the freemium game. In-game purchases are required to unlock its full features.

Our mod unlocks the full and free game

We have a modded version of Blue Ninja available on our website if you’d rather not watch ads or pay for the full game. Here, you can download the unlocked game with removed ads and unlimited features for free. The only thing you need to do is download the Blue Ninja Mod APK, follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.

Quality of the visuals and sounds


Gamers can choose from different graphics settings here in Blue Ninja, which allows them to opt for better visuals or reduce the quality to match their hardware. Then you will always be able to play Blue Ninja smoothly on all your devices. Moreover, you can also reduce the graphic quality to save battery life.

You can always enjoy Blue Ninja’s action game to the fullest with realistic 3D graphics, detailed character models, immersive 3D city settings, cool animations, smooth graphics, and awesome visual effects.

Music & Sound

Blue Ninja, along with its amazing graphics, boasts exciting sound effects and thrilling music that keep you hooked throughout the game. Whenever you are playing the game, you can enjoy listening to the cool soundtrack and responsive sound effects.


Play your superhero parody adventures on the go with Blue Ninja’s simple concept and numerous in-game elements.