Block Strike MOD APK

With Rexet Studio’s latest release, you can dive into epic shooter action as you enjoy the classic shooter gameplay. Block Strike offers Android gamers an in-depth and satisfying shooter experience on their Android devices, along with a visually appealing interface. As a result, more players will be able to participate in your hilarious gunfights and onslaught matches.

Explore in-depth shooting with smooth and satisfying visuals as you engage in exciting shooter challenges using the unique polygon graphics. Dive into the hilarious gameplay and have fun with friends while you discover awesome shooting experiences.

Here are our reviews for Rexet Studio’s awesome game.

Describe the story

In the game, Android gamers have the chance to enjoy smooth and satisfying animations while engaging in awesome shooting experiences. With relatively simple pixelated characters and massive environments that you can interact with, you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Discover awesome guns that you’ll be using in your hilarious brawls, and battle through a series of fun shooter levels with different setups.

You can also join friends and online gamers from across the globe in awesome gunfights in the game, for those of you who are interested. Have fun exploring Block Strike’s awesome gameplay as you progress through online matchups in multiple game modes.

Play mobile shooters whenever you want on your Android device and enjoy easy-to-use gameplay. Get in on the casual gaming action as you dive into this portable and exciting shooter. You will be able to play FPS in a much more friendly manner.


The game features the following features:

You will be introduced to the game through simple touch controls

Block Strike will first offer Android gamers simple and intuitive touch controls for the exciting mobile shooter experience. This game provides you with an amazing in-game experience that you’ll quickly become accustomed to. Use your intuitive touch controls to experience awesome shooter experiences. Make quick changes with gesture commands and move your characters effectively with the analog touchpad. Block Strike’s shooter gameplay will keep you entertained to the fullest extent.

Choose from a variety of game modes to enjoy the game

Additionally, Android gamers will also have a chance to have fun in several different game modes in Block Strike as they dive into the awesome shooter experiences.

  • Introducing Team Deathmatch – Roll the dice in endless battles in the simplest and most exhilarating shooter experience. Aim for the highest kill score by choosing your favorite team.
  • Play Death Run, a hilarious free runner game in which you’ll be running for your life! Rush away from the chasing enemies as fast as you can by executing the quickest movements.
  • You’ll find yourself fighting together with your teammates in Hunger Games to survive the epic survival challenges. Be the last team standing by taking down other teams.
  • In Zombie Survival, players must be on their guard against nasty zombies in battles featuring zombie apocalypse themes. Take them down wiPrepare yourself for the upcoming waves of monsters by taking them down with your guns.those of you who’ve played and enjoyed the classic Counterstrike gameplay, you’ll certainly find the Bunny Hop mechanics familiar. That being said, this mode allows gamers to show off their skills by performing accurate and incredible jumps that would allow you to effectively reach the final destination in the quickest amount of time.


It’s likely that Block Strike will become your new favorite mobile shooter if you like Pixel Gun 3D, Block City Wars, and the like. You can also expect to play exciting online shooter matches with thousands of players from around the world due to the game’s accessible and well-optimized gameplay. And with the game being completely free and unlocked on our website, there are no reasons for you to turn it down.