Bazooka Boy MOD APK 1.15.0

n this 3D action game with powerful weapons, you’ll have to blast your way through enemies and challenges! From the very first stages, Bazooka Boy never disappoints. As a player, it is your job to collect and master new guns. Don’t you think it sounds fun? Defeat the bad guys preventing you from winning! Featuring addictive levels upon levels, this game is suitable for all Android devices.

Information about the company

As a direct download from Google Play Store, Bazooka Boy is released by Supersonic Studios Ltd. Throughout the game, you’ll have to overcome a variety of wonderful obstacles and levels. There, you’ll face flying foes and boys who look fun.

Be calm! Destroy the bases and their buildings by blowing them up. What’s more, you can play as any character you like in this game. Assassins can even transform into Batman with that feature. Alternatively, you can become a vampire for a bloody Halloween. As far as I’m concerned, Bazooka Boy is one of the most unique games you’ll ever play.

In the Google Play Store, Bazooka Boy has over +500,000 installs. Thousands of users around the world are playing the game, demonstrating its popularity. If you love Bazooka Boy for most parts, you should download it onto your Android device. The game is also rated 12+ and has moderate violence.

All adventure fans will be satisfied after going through 400 levels. Ads can only be removed by paying. The cost of removing them all usually amounts to $3. As long as you keep watching ads, this remains an issue.

The players earn more cash by progressing to the next level, but it is useless afterward. Unless you watch the ads, you won’t make any money. Are there more special skins that can be unlocked by the players? Can they do that with cash? All of them must be unlocked by viewing ads. Everyone would enjoy playing Bazooka Boy once, no doubt.

As opposed to other classic shooting games, this one allows you to upgrade weapons and add armors of your choice. You sometimes accumulate money after purchasing these. In Bazooka Boy, you must shoot your way through the final level like you would in Drawmaster, a bow and arrow shooting game.

Assessments in general

We recommend that you switch to airplane mode in order to play this game without ads. However, a few people dislike the fact that their character sometimes dies once a level starts and they can’t do anything about it. Hence, it’s a bit buggy, which helped them get through a few boring times.

Furthermore, finishing a level with three bombs and a bomb does not come with any particular advantages. Having a higher score type thing here would be helpful in this situation. There were a few annoying bugs fixed in the recent update, but now the bunker bomb is invisible. Though Bazooka Boy is a good game, it still has some problems that need to be resolved.

Additionally, once you reach 100, the levels tend to repeat, and some players have already reached 800. The game remains endlessly entertaining despite this. Additionally, gamers have a wide range of weapon options to choose from. When you reach level 437, you usually have ad-free challenges.

No matter how many guns they fire at the red guy, some players can’t pass this level. There was even an email request for assistance, but no response was received. In the end, gamers end up waiting and having to restart the game.

Playing the game

Among the most amazing things about the game is the variety of weapons you can use to defeat your opponents. In addition to grenades, shotguns, bazookas, clusters, bursts, and many other weapons, there are others as well. There are brilliant qualities in each gun waiting to be discovered.

You can play Bazooka Boy, a 3D shooting game, on your smartphone by downloading it.

When you reach level 70, you can own a variety of guns, but once the game repeats itself, ads will appear. There are currently only guns available for purchase, and after you’ve gotten all of them, nothing else can be purchased. Shooters must therefore earn money to upgrade further.

As you eliminate their bases and homes, use the equipment you collected to make your opponents fly. I find it interesting that the shooter can reach victory through a variety of possibilities and destruction. Enjoy completing all of the levels, as there are many to choose from.

Bazooka Boy is a must-play challenge game, and you will enjoy exploring every corner of it. In addition to the outstanding physics, each level features realistic explosion effects that make it stand out from other games of its type.

In summary, Bazooka Boy is a fun way to “kill” at times, especially when you encounter those funny little figures. The game looks great, but it doesn’t let you move forward after level 437. You learn which weapon to use for each mission through the game. I still enjoy it despite some repetitions.


From the beginning of the game, every player will enjoy the good-looking graphics. Not only does Bazooka Boy have flashy explosion effects, but its amazing physics make every level even more fun.

Time passes more quickly with this strategy game! Don’t underestimate it just because it looks simple. It helps your strategy a lot depending on the weapon you choose. As buildings collapse and explode, foes will die. New grenade launchers, clothes, and accessories can only be obtained by successfully completing missions on the battlefield.

Stress can be relieved and time can be passed comfortably when you play it. In order to make the game more challenging and enjoyable, more features should be added. The family sharing feature should be enabled in a Pro version of the game for $6.

Words of wisdom

Those who enjoy explosive action games can play Bazooka Boy on their smartphones. A bazooka, among other weapons, is also available to the main characters for killing enemies.

Throughout hundreds of levels, you must shoot up and destroy all of the red guys. In the new version, you’ll find bug fixes, improvements, and spooky skins. Take a look at it right now!