Avast Cleanup pro MOD APK

Avast Cleanup MOD APK 6.5.0 [Pro Unlocked] 2022

With Avast Cleanup MOD APK, your Android is in optimal working order as it removes junk and cache from your device. There are a lot of simple applications with reliable features that make sure that your system is always reliable. Using this method, you will make sure that the number of files you use for your device is appropriate, and that it is optimized for optimal performance by ensuring that it has the minimum amount of jink.

If your device is functioning optimally, this means that you are doing your part to make sure that it lasts as long as possible, and this means that you are using the best of the best protection against any contaminating forces that may harm your device.

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As the name implies, Avast Cleaner Pro is an entire package that includes everything you need alongside getting rid of the unwanted junk that, sometimes, you even don’t realize you need to get rid of and which can be harmful to your device.

Features of Avast Cleanup MOD APK:

Premium Features Unlocked

They require cash from the user to provide premium features, and in return, they offer the user cash. Since I mentioned this earlier, you will receive premium features from me.
Avast Cleaning Premium features can be used for free if you do not have enough money. Download Avast Cleanup Pro Apk for free from our website.

Avast Cleanup pro MOD APK
Avast Cleanup pro MOD APK

Ram Cleaner

Multiple applications can be opened simultaneously thanks to Random Access Memory. When your RAM is 4GB or more, you can run large applications and multiple windows at the same time.
You’ll probably experience slow performance if your device has less RAM. As part of Avast Cleanup Pro, you can enable hibernation mode to help optimize your RAM.

Junk File Washer

There are many apps we have downloaded on our smartphones, and they create junk and slow down the device. They also consume more memory.
Using Avast Cleanup app on your phone will provide you a deeper cleaning of your phone’s junk files.

Battery optimizer

A battery profile can be customized with Battery Optimizer Mode. Apart from the home page, there are four other basic options including car, battery low, and low data. Managing your device more efficiently can be easier with a specialized Battery profile.

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Game Booster

There are times when our game slows down and we get frame breaks and lags. Due to that, we get so angry, so this special feature makes your game smooth and lag-free by boosting your game’s performance. To improve your gaming experience, download PGT+ Apk

Avast Cleanup pro MOD APK
Avast Cleanup pro MOD APK

Auto Cleaner

One of the most important features of this application is the Auto Cleaning Advisor, which provides users with a complete overview of all the data on their device before it is erased.

Manage Themes

The colours are freely configurable regardless of which theme you choose. The company has made an interesting change that will make cleaning a whole lot more enjoyable.

Zero Ads

Users are likely to see advertisements while utilizing this application, as it is considered a premium application. These advertisements are disturbing to all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

My data will be accessed by Avast Cleanup Pro?

Your data must be accessed by the application for it to manage it

The duplicate pictures will be deleted by Avast Cleanup Pro?

Whenever Avast cleanup pro is run, all the junk files are deleted, including duplicates that fill up your hard drive.

What is the safety rating of Avast cleaner pro-MOD APK?

Using external sources and an emulation tool, it is both safe and very straightforward to install

Are there any free versions of Avast Cleaner pro?
By using the external links and File emulator, you can easily install it for free.


This Avast Cleaner pro MOD APK application will enable you to maintain perfect functionality on your Android device no matter when you use it and for however long you need, therefore you need to make sure that you obtain the free of cost and easily available MOD APK version of the application.

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