Angry Birds Star Wars MOD APK 1.5.13 (Unlimited money)

The Angry Birds of Star Wars used their wings and feathers to express their anger in space battles. It is now up to the Jedi and Sith to choose which side of the power they will join.

New episodes of the popular franchise that captured millions’ imaginations are all included in the new game. There will yet again be an epic showdown between two sworn enemies. An angry bird joins forces with a green pig.

There will be new roles for beloved characters, and Anakin will have feathers and a beak in addition to his great strength. The heroes will transform into peculiar creatures with their own specific characteristics.
Due to the creative elements and power-ups provided in the game, the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds quickly made a name for itself. We have listed 7 mod version features missing from the Play Store version below.
Unlocked all levels
The Angry Birds games have a lot of levels in them. With over 200 levels in the story mode, Angry Birds Star Wars does not disappoint. The levels unlocked by completing them in order are unlocked sequentially, as well. Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK offers you the chance to unlock all 200 levels from the Star Wars game. It will unlock every level from 8 Pig Stars.

Purchasing powerups and unlocking characters requires coins, the game’s primary currency. You can’t stay away from the screen for very long when you’re playing Angry Birds. With Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK, you’ll be able to buy powerups and lives with unlimited money, so you can play an endless amount of times.

Removed advertisements
An annoying advertisement appears in the middle of your game as you’re in the middle of enjoying it. This would be horrifying to me, and I am pretty sure you would also loathe it. You can avoid these annoying ads appearing on your screen over and over again by using the Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK.

Codes for unlocking
These are characters in the game that must be unlocked using a series of alphanumerics. Using the unlock codes PDC-OKNW and CZWV-DKRZ, you can get 10 Mighty Falcon characters unlocked.

Finished unlocking all Falcon Packs
These add-ons are only available in the Star Wars Edition, and they transform your bird into an egg. A falcon’s target is the egg after it has been launched and has come to a halt. As falcons approach the target, they begin shooting barrages of shots at it. As a result, most levels are easier than before as the falcons do a lot of damage. You will have access to all Falcon packs in Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK.

Each character has been unlocked
A crossover game has a lot of interesting characters since it is a game that pulls from both worlds. You will not unlock any of these characters until you play the game for a significant amount of time. You can also unlock these characters easily with Angry Birds Star Wars Mod APK by using C3PO, C3PO, Han Solo, Lando, and many others.

Some of the powerups in the game will make the game less difficult for you, such as the Blaster Droid, a Thermal Detonator, and Lightsaber Slingshots. The mod will give you unlimited powerups so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.
The right kind of gameplay is what you will find when it comes to Angry Birds Star Wars Mod Apk allowing you to make sure that you get the most out of what you are playing.

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