1945 Air Force MOD APK v11.17

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Dogfight games are unique to the warfare genre, and 1945 Air Force is no exception. The 1945 Air Force allows players to control their aircraft to destroy the enemy’s fleet to protect the territorial airspace. You will score more points if you shoot down more enemies. Additionally, make sure to collect fuel and blood during combat. In 1945 Air Force, you’ll shoot planes vertically with exquisite graphics. A beautiful shooting game based on the 1945 Tokyo bombing. Retro style is prevalent in the game. There are a variety of aircraft from the War of Resistance against Japan. All enemy bosses can be killed using your flexible operation.

The gameplay of 1945 Air Force is very classic for an arcade flying combat game. Although the STG entry has retro elements, its screen and gameplay are more refined. In addition to upgrading fighters, players can carry auxiliary aircraft, as well as upgrade their abilities and skills in a DIY manner. It is best to complement your fighters with auxiliary aircraft that have their own characteristics. Retro STG arcade game with a lot of passion. It also has a lot of exciting innovations. Start your experience with 1945 Air Force by downloading it now.

There’s a new airplane shooting game coming soon. A thin thread binds the world together. There are mysterious alien attackers attacking our lovely earth. Our peace is being saved by evil enemies and giant bosses. In the face of this merciless war, we have no choice but to stand up and fight.

It’s a cool adventure-airplane shooting game with a variety of tasks to complete. Is the familiar classic shooting game boring you? You’ll have an opportunity to upgrade your fighters and upgrade your equipment in 1945 Air Force. Maps, characters, and battles abound in this game, which will never bore you. There is a lot of passion in airplane wars. This space shooting game is highly addictive because it features squadrons, rocket armies, and pilots.

The fighter plane can be moved left, right, up, and down with the touch screen. Coins, bullets, rockets, and aircraft types can be upgraded. Join the battle with the squadron in cooperative multiplayer mode. Are you ready for a war of epic proportions? Fly to the galaxy now with our sky power. As you play our endless shooting game, you will face the enemy and kill all of them.

Anti-war is the theme of this vertical shooting game. You can challenge yourself on a variety of levels. You can pass the levels smoothly thanks to the powerful weapon upgrade system. Using the weapons, you can destroy and bomb the enemy with your hand-eye coordination and reaction skills. Feel free to download and try it out!

Assessments in general

A 3D physics engine was used to build 1945 Air Force, a flying shooting game with a World War II theme. There is a sense of exquisiteness, realism, and delicateness in the graphics. Weapons and models come in a variety. There is nothing complicated about the game, and it is enjoyable and interesting to play. Players can fully experience the flying shooting game experience. Fire on Japanese fascism by downloading it now.

Smartphones have perfected the classic long-term shooting games from 1941, 1942, 1943, and 1944. On your mobile device, you can now enjoy the 1945 Air Force’s simple concept and endless fun.

In 1945 Air Force, the classic arcade experience is remade in a masterpiece fashion. This game’s controls are easy to learn and use, evoking the arcade experience. For World War II fighter jet enthusiasts, there are 16 options to choose from. Earn achievements and compete in leaderboards. Low-profile phones and tablets are supported.

As part of its effort to recreate the scene of the war, the game uses the Unity3D physics engine and a precise and delicate art design. The system is based on historical truths, and it creates original modes of contact control and freezing release. Kills can be released in a flexible manner, you can add wingmen, swap weapon levels, and change attack skills. The game focuses on cultivating players’ combat strategies and tactical qualities, and eliminating enemy aircraft, tanks, and poison gas factories.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a recommended alternative

Featuring a fighter-themed shooting game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter offers a lot of fun for all ages. It is up to you to save the planet. Drive the spaceship alone, defend the earth against alien hordes. You must save the universe from evil enemies, which is an extremely challenging task. You must face increasingly dangerous opponents in this game. The spaceship can be upgraded during the game in order to release its full lethality.

The galaxy has become a prosperous place for humanity in the distant future. An alien force from another dimension suddenly attacked the border planets one day. Humanity is in the process of struggling to survive. Invaders call you to defend the galaxy as an experienced pilot.

Featuring classic shooting mechanics and modern graphics, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter appeals to players of all ages. A variety of enemies are featured, including ordinary soldiers, waivers, and powerful elites as well as huge bosses. There is a difference between each person’s appearance and behavior. On the road, there are unique challenges to be faced. Upgrade, develop, and add new power to your spaceship by constantly updating new content.

A wide range of spaceships are available, each with a unique skill set and gameplay style. In addition to having a better graphic design, this version is an extended version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. As well as weapons, items, ships, and evolutions, we updated some core game mechanics.

You can build a powerful air force by using various kinds of spacecraft. A fantasy theme has been added to the old-style shooting game. Retro shooting game mechanics like waves and bullet hell boss are still present in the game, but we’ve added some exciting new content. As another retro shooting game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter shares a similar feeling.

Words of wisdom

In 1945 Air Force, you play a flying shooting game on an Android device. Destroy all enemies on the screen by flying a World War II plane. Over 80 actual World War II weapons models are featured in the game. Six aircraft are available, three game challenges are tough, four control modes are available, and boss missions are challenging. For thousands of players who enjoy shooting from the air, it is an excellent choice. This is not to be missed.